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  1. bdman

    Elon Tragic story

    The Cryptocurrency bull run is over
  2. bdman

    Mark Zuckerberg check this

    My goats: Max and Bitcoin After his post 2200%
  3. bdman

    How is this possible Perfect Prediction?

    Some people have really forgotten about it. Guess it.
  4. bdman

    For DOGE lovers

    Another news SpaceX accepts dogecoin as payment to launch a lunar mission next year
  5. bdman

    Zuckerberg announced an affiliate marketplace

    Possible new earning source
  6. bdman

    Heartbreaking picture

    I cried after watching this picture and news. I am not Indian but the news published in my local online news then I found original news online...
  7. bdman

    My Facebook Marketplace Accounts + Your monetization

    What I have to offer: Many Facebook Marketplace Accounts. I will post ads for you and reply if needed What I'm looking for: I'm looking for someone who has a working product to sell on the Facebook marketplace
  8. bdman outage

    my one of friend nearly heart attacked, he called me and i found it after checking. more info
  9. bdman

    Method: Download facebook videos without software

    I used this method years ago but method still working. I think it will help who don't know already. First change the facebook layout to classic ( don't know if its working with new layout or not) Right click the video then click Show video URL Copy the url and add mbasic before the...
  10. bdman

    Skype: Registered email address sucessfully changed ( hacked)

    I just got this email, someone please let me know how to solve. Registered email address successfully changed Your email address for the account "live:.cid.9f63db462b5950fa" has been successfully changed to [email protected] To see the changes, log in to your account.. Have you not...
  11. bdman

    Got this email and i am scared

    I replied fuck you.
  12. bdman

    Selling High Quality Accounts - Facebook – Twitter - Yahoo - hotmail – @cheap price

    Aged Twitter 2009-2010 no followers 10 Accounts = $40 25 Accounts = $75 50 Accounts = $140 100 Accounts = $250 Twitter Format: User: Password:Email: Password Email login might not work due to email inactivity, but the email user still available they recently deleted it. Aged Twitter 4...
  13. bdman

    YOURLS account API connectivity issue

    Hi, anyone using yourls account API connectivity with Jarvee/MP?
  14. bdman

    How they do it?

    I am doing a lot of manual thing on facebook for testing something. And found something interesting an adult picture and I wanted it to collect for my future use. But after saving the picture was different and it not adult picture it something else. safe picture for fb and adult for public.
  15. bdman

    Free Giveaway 5 Facebook Marketplace Account.

    Hey guys! Free Giveaway 5 Facebook Marketplace Account. Each user 1 5 x 1 = 5 The requirements for this giveaway: At least 100 quality posts Member on BHW for at least 12 months You have to provide phone number for handover the account How to participate? Make a post below saying that...
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    Giveaway 10 years old twitter accounts.

    10 accounts to 10 member
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    Free Giveaway 10 Years old twitter account.

    20 twitter account giveaway Each 2 account. Requirements: Minimum 50+ post.
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    Freebies / Giveaways Social Media Marketing Tool use coupon code "BHW500"
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    [100 Review Copies ] social media marketing tool

    FREE review copy Stackyourpost is a social media marketing tool that allows and helps you to easily auto post, schedule Instagram posts along with Facebook, Twitter and many more!. It also can manage multiple social networks, schedule posts, increase your Traffic and engage your audiences. Just...
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    Give away 9 years old twitter account

    I am giving away 10 twitter account Anyone who is here for more than 100 post 10 x 1 No need to PM me. I will send you. Thanks