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  1. Smeklinis

    How to fix false mobile-friendly errors ?

    I am running 10 sites on same script and setup. All sites are fine, except 1, which is not mobile-friendly according to GSC: I already pressed FIX and it was failed, now i only have VIEW DETAILS. And on i have: Any solutions ?
  2. Smeklinis

    No views on Youtube

    I can say i am totally newbie on Youtube. Last time i tested Youtube, was 10 years ago, and it was easy to get views on reused content. Now i doing such tests: I am taking some videos from Youtube - hot girls, funny, fails. 1-10 minutes long. Editing it hard - reverse, horizontal flip, cut...
  3. Smeklinis

    Any way to recover rankings after hosting IP changes ?

    So this site is 9 months old, and i was ranked stable for about last 4 months: Point 1 : Paused Cloudflare and server IP changed to original one. Did it due these threads for testing: -
  4. Smeklinis

    Searching someone with iMonetizeIt account

    As this strange network does not accepted me after week of various questions, i am searching someone with iMonetizeIt account for testing of smartlink, as i am interested what i am loosing. I will send Tier1 SEO traffic from popunders and banners about 1k daily. For about 4 days - 1 week, will...
  5. Smeklinis

    Does blacklisting of hosting provider on affect SEO ?

    I know these all blacklist databases are about email spam. But can it affect rankings also ?
  6. Smeklinis

    How many of you building niche irrelevant backlinks?

    So, how many of you building niche irrelevant backlinks? And are you getting some positive results in rankings ? I have this question, because i saw many sites in my niche (adult) with biggest part of niche irrelevant backlinks (70-90%) ranking very good. They are using about 30-10% partial or...
  7. Smeklinis

    Dumb question - changing YT channel owner?

    So time by time i have very dumb questions :) Is any way working on 2021 to transfer YT channel from one account to another ? Thanks.
  8. Smeklinis

    Amazon listing backlinks 503 error.

    I bought Amazon listing links for my sites. Noticed that I cannot index them. After checking these links on - most of them gives 503 error. And if I check these links many times - I can catch sometimes that it gives 200. All link pages are up and accessible. Any solution ?
  9. Smeklinis

    Youtube/Gmail and IP changes?

    If i login to Gmail / YT acc every day on different IPs (different subnet, provider), but same country and with cookies on my browser - does Gmail / YT requires phone verification each time ? And is it some risk to get under radar / banned for that ?
  10. Smeklinis

    Does traffic count to backlinking page affects rankings ?

    If we place backlink on root domain on 2 sites with similar backlinks profile and similar metric such as DR UR DA PA etc: 1. site A has 1M daily traffic. 2. site B has 10k daily traffic. Which site will pass more SEO juice and will be more valuable for SEO ? Backlinks prices on site A and...
  11. Smeklinis

    Sitewide duplicate content on inner pages

    I have adult website with 10k pages. And i have 2 options to use: 1. Add some content (1k words) to script, then all inner pages will have that content - about 95% will be duplicate on all pages. 2. Do not add content - will be about 5% duplicate on all inner pages, but these pages will have...
  12. Smeklinis

    How to force Google index right titles and descriptions?

    I just found that Google indexes several my sites weird. All of them has correct code and content of meta titles and descriptions. My title looks like "phrase1 - phrase2" - Google index shows only "phrase1" or only "phrase2". Also instead meta descriptions it shows excerpt of content.
  13. Smeklinis

    In which keyword tool i should trust ?

    I found 1 easy keyword. Here is search volumes: 1. Google Keyword Planner - 1-10M 2. Semrush - 40M 3. KWfinder - 50M 4. Ahrefs - 1.2K So in which tool i should believe and should i set-up website on that keyword ?
  14. Smeklinis

    How to use Google Keyword Planner?

    I am a little dumb, i did not find where i can see search volumes of kws in Google Keyword Planner. "Get search volume and forecasts" shows nothing for me. Any guides how to use this slut ? Thanks.
  15. Smeklinis

    Websites cross-linking - good or bad for SEO

    Lets say i have 20 websites in same niche hosted on different IPs (cloudflare), but in same WMT account. Is good or bad for SEO interlink (backlink) these all sites with each other on homepages only? Like section "Our sites" or Our friends". Thanks.
  16. Smeklinis

    Namejet & Snapnames caught domains age?

    Does dropchatching domains on Snapnames or Namejet ($79) reserves current domain age ? Or domains gets newly registered as after simple drop ?
  17. Smeklinis

    Does redirect backlinks impacts rankings?

    High DR redirects increases Ahrefs DR. and so on. Is this only Ahrefs hole and only they sees it , or it can impact rankings ?
  18. Smeklinis

    Warning: scam or not ?

    First of all i should mention that my english is not very good and i am beginner in SEO - about 2 years. I have several sites, and like many others here, trying to rank it, get backlinks etc. As we see on some forums are many backlinks packages to buy for $1 - $7 for one link per year. And these...