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    How the GiftCards Resell Works? Please Explain

    Okay, I recently found out about the market of Giftcards resell. Does anyone understand how it works? There are some quite big websites that offer Apple, Steam, eBay, Amazon, etc giftcards for sale. Do you guys know where these giftcards come from? Is it legit to sell them at all? is there...
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    A really strange thing with New Version Of Google Analytics App

    Hi guys, So I have recently faced this problem with a new version of Google Analytics on mobile. Added GA to my new website. Everything is a usual routine here, nothing new. But I have this new version of GA on desktop with new dashboards and modes. It is fine, need to educate myself on how to...
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    Need a Chinese Translator

    I am looking for a good Chinese translator or a studio. I have plenty of pages that need to be translated properly. English to Chinese. I am not sure what are the current rates for Chinese translation. But I do have the budget for this task. Yet, please make sure this won't be another one...
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    Baidu and QQ Promotions

    Hello, I want to promote my website on Baidu and QQ. I want to hire a professional who can promote my website on these platforms. Yet, I would like to understand his or her best practices, what exactly I get in terms of clicks, impressions and what time terms. Budget is 2,000 USD + .
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    Interested in SEO for Baidu

    Hello, Just have started studying Baidu and SEO for this particular Chinese search engine. What do I have now is I got a valid Chinese phone number and successfully added my website to the Baidu Search Console. I even got first impressions. But the process is damn slow. I do have Chinese...
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    Animate my logo in GIF

    Okay, so I have a logo of my product. This is a png file and it shows a stylized green X letter. All I want to do is make it animated a bit before adding my new product on Producthunt. You probably have seen animated logos from there. It could be something like 3 sec gif animation showing the X...
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    Need a Data CSV from a Premium Similarweb Account

    Hi guys, I need a CSV file with data from a premium Similarweb. Easy job. Just get me outgoing referral traffic from this website I want to see how many users and to what domains this website is sending. This CVS should look like this: - Total referral outgoing traffic (in...
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    How to Register in Chinese Social Media and Baidu

    Hello, Recently I have recently decided to scale my websites to the Chinese market. But I couldn't properly register in Baidu. After I successfully found a phone number that can receive an SMS verification code I got a security error from Baidu. It says then due to their security something they...
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    Upvotes on ProductHunt

    Did anyone have experience with Producthunt upovotes? Is it good idea to buy or send bot upvotes on Producthunt in order to get the product on the homepage? Do they have strong filters and banhammer policy for fake upvotes? Any experience or opinion is highly appreciated.
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    BLC1 a recent radio signal from nearest star Proxima Centauri

    BLC1 (Breakthrough Listen Candidate 1) is a candidate SETI radio signal announced in December 2020, spatially coincident with the star Proxima Centauri. It is also called New Wow signal. In only 4 light-year distance. So close. Scientists will answer if this is ET message in 3-4 months. 2021...
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    Telegram is booming

    Well, did you guys notice how many registrations has Telegram got in just a month? Wow. Telegram is a big thing now. And it may be even bigger.
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    Happy 2021! 30% DISCOUNT for Aged Facebook Business Manager Account $350! Buy High-Quality Accounts at Accfarm

    ⭐⭐⭐ Buy Social Media Accounts for Business ⭐⭐⭐ This offer applies only to the following Accfarm package: Facebook Accounts: Aged BM $350 created 2010-2019 ULTRA SALE with 30% Discount for BHW Members! 30% OFF for Facebook Business Manager Account (Original Thread URL >>>) Promo code is...
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    My country is about to Adopt a Cannabis Law. Should I take action?

    So looks like my country is going to adopt a Cannabis law. Medical Cannabis will become legal. Is this a huge opportunity? We have like 12 months prior to the emerging market here.
  14. Holdentot_Accfarm

    Looking for Crowd linkbuilding

    Hello, I am looking for crowd linkbuilding. High DR websites. Up to 2 USD per backlink. Willing to order up to 1000 backlinks per month. Long term.
  15. Holdentot_Accfarm

    Is Silicon Valley Dying?

    I have read so many articles this year regarding the fading Silicon Valley and how many startups and businesses are changing their location. What do you think?
  16. Holdentot_Accfarm

    Did anyone get the Cease and Desist letter from TikTok

    Hey Was just wondering if you have received some cease and desist letters, presumably from TikTok? A friend of mine who owns a smm panel received one with a legal threat to take down the TikTok services on his website and to reply with a confirmation. I believe that this is kinda trick from...
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    $20K per passive income per month. Would you stop?

    Assume you get a stable passive income of $20K per month straight to your bank account. What would you do? Stop working and hustling and just go chilling on some island? Or you would rather continue hustling and working hard to make this passive 20K turn into 100K? Is 20K enough for you to stop...
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    Your Plan to celebrate 2021 New year Eve

    So what is your plan? How will you celebrate 2021?
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    Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Telegram

    So, 2020 has made messengers the must-have tools in our lives. What messengers do you use? What exactly daily routine or even project do you run in your messengers? For me, it is Telegram as an everyday messenger. Zoom as video conference and job interviews. Skype is the messenger for...
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    Looking for Quora and Reddit posts

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can deliver Reddit and Quora posts in related to my business niche. Your posts must contain a couple of sentences and a backlink to our website. I am willing to pay $2 per comment. Replacement policy at least 2 weeks if a comment gets deleted. Preferably if...