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  1. mukul555

    How to avoid GoDaddy Auctions Fees?

    I recently got a huge amount of bids on my domain I've put up on auction and just saw that GoDaddy takes up 20% of the amount and if it goes above 5k usd, it'll take $1k + 15% of the amount above $5k which is MASSIVE. Any ways to avoid this? Is it safe to put your email in the description...
  2. mukul555

    How to get more bids/ exposure to your domain in GoDaddy Auctions?

    I've listed a GNews site (old edition) on GoDaddy auctions and received $500 in bids in the first two days but I want more exposure and potential bid on the domain. Is there a way you could get more traction or is it just completely random to get bids? For Mods: if this is the incorrect...
  3. mukul555

    Where to find the latest news?

    I just started with a news website and I already know some sources to get news from but need recommendations on where to get the latest news from? I'd have to let my writers know so they follow a perfect SOP. Anyone who can recommend me a few good sources? :)
  4. mukul555

    What type of project should I pursue?

    I've managed to collect $4,000 for new projects. Now, I've got three options and I'd like y'all to help me decide which one to pursue. 1) Start 3 new sites with fresh domains 2) Start 1 or 2 new sites with $500-700 worth expired domains 3) Buy a site making $100/mo and grow it Now, I've been...
  5. mukul555

    How to get fake views on Reels?

  6. mukul555

    Fresh Domains VS Expired Domains in 2021

    I'm curious if there's anyone who still starts their new sites with fresh domains instead of expired domains? How have your results been so far and why haven't you switched to using expired domains ? I'm personally thinking to try out a few sites with fresh domains as nowadays the ED market has...
  7. mukul555

    How to make and edit videos like these ?

    Here are a few channels I'd like to make content like. Can anyone please let me know on what softwares to use, how to do this ? and also where to learn ? Based Zeus Anna Oop I've...
  8. mukul555

    301 of subdomain - Doubt

    I just bought a domain which has links on its subdomain as well. I'm planning to 301 that on my money site after a month. If I redirect the main domain let's say xyz. com to my money site, will the link power of the subdomain that is store. xyz. com pass to the main site as well ? What should be...
  9. mukul555

    How much to spend on links ?

    How much do you usually spend on link building before a site starts making $500/mo ? I've been spending $300/mo on links from a few months now and I'm unsure if I'll get the results I want and I have no clue on when I'll hit the 500 bucks mark.
  10. mukul555

    Ezoic VS Adsense ?

    What's the EPM you get on US traffic with Adsense ? I'm getting $7-8/1000 views on Ezoic but it really messes up with your site speed so planning to shift back to adsense. Daily views are about 200
  11. mukul555

    SAPE Links ?

    These type of links are so hard to find imo. People usually don't recommend good sellers or anything like that. I don't plan on using these, but where do people buy them from and how do they figure out if a seller is good while buying these ?
  12. mukul555

    How To Remove Unused Images from WordPress ?

    I've tried a lot of plugins like media cleaner, DNIU but none works. I also tried deleting unattached media from Media Library but it removed images from existing posts. The site has 16k images in media library. I can't delete it manually. Please lmk if there's any solution to this !
  13. mukul555

    How to sell a NFT ? Is it just luck ?

    I'm just amazed to see even some weird stuff being sold. The thing is that my family members used to casually make digital artworks, paintings, murals and all that stuff and they're just being kept idle. I guess it could be a chance to list and sell them for some real good money (dk bout...
  14. mukul555

    Do grades matter ?

    I see people near me trying to get into the best colleges, study 10 hours a day and do some really crazy stuff just for the goal that they would land a very high paying job in the future which they don't care if they are passionate about. Also, they take up some crazy loans of like $20-50k for...
  15. mukul555

    How much do you spend on Content ?

    I was wondering on how much do you pay for content on a monthly basis (all sites, everything combined) and what's the rate you are paying for every 1000 words. I'll start with mine, it's somewhere between $5/1000.
  16. mukul555

    I just hit the goal of making $10k at the age of 18 (almost 18) !

    This is something that I've been trying from years now and I'm so happy that this has finally happened :) PS: It's 10k in total and not 10k/mo :p It took me more than 2 years to finally get started with making money online. I started with YouTube, made 15 bucks, got almost 2-3M views & 10k...
  17. mukul555

    How do I get the max ROI while growing Affiliate Websites ?

    I was wondering on how to maximise the ROI while growing an affiliate site from 50 bucks a month to 5000 a month. I could definitely spend thousands on links and get minimal results and vice versa. Would love to hear everyone's opinion on this :)
  18. mukul555

    Copying Articles from Expired Domains ?

    Do articles copied straight away from a random site's archive (site no longer exists now and is deindexed) ranks ? I found a lot of sites that were completely deindexed and have a lot of content on them, I was thinking if anything like just copying them and posting on my site would work ?
  19. mukul555

    How to ACTUALLY push yourself to work out daily ?

    I've been trying to lose weight from like a couple of years now, I'm not obese but now I'm definitely overweight and I've had weight gain after the lockdown too. I'm from India so can't follow these fancy diets or anything like that and every morning it's 2 or 3 parathas & we punjabis talk...