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  1. maxmayer

    How to promote my SEO-related service with Linkedin?

    Hi there. I've not worked with Linkedin yet. What methods can you recommend me to try first? I have link building related service and I want to try Linkedin as a new marketing strategy for it. Any sources to read maybe?
  2. maxmayer

    [NEEDMYLINK] HIGH QUALITY & NICHE RELEVANT ♔ Crowd Links from $5 ▼ Avg DR & DA - up to 50 ▼ Avg RD 1000+ ▼ Free Test

    Let me introduce my service We post High-quality Crowd Links in Niche relevant discussions Can you consult me? Yes, contact me via any possible way. I will check your website to make a quick analyse and provide you some recommendations for your off-page SEO. It's absolutely FREE. How can...
  3. maxmayer

    PBN courses & good sources to read

    Hey. Can someone share a course for PBN creating? Or maybe any kind of good related sources to read about PBN.
  4. maxmayer

    Payment gateway

    Hi there. Let me explain the problem I've got recently. I have a website and I tried to add 2checkout payment gateway option to it. They denied my application (maybe because I'm not a company owner Idk). Stripe is not the option as well for now. What if I add another payment gateway (non-popular...
  5. maxmayer

    What crypto do you use besides BTC?

    Here is the poll and I'm trully interesting: What crypto do you use besides BTC? I will start: USDT, ETH ( and BTC for sure) I guess it's most safe to use USDT if you're afraid to lose money with crypto.. but I suppose cryptocurrencies will be growing - almost all of them. Your thoughts?
  6. maxmayer

    What payment systems do BHW members usually use?

    Hey. I am interested what payment systems do you guys usually use? PayPal, Payoneer, WesternUnion? I live in Ukraine and PayPal is not available there, that's why I'm interested: 1) is it worth to go on looking for the way to use PayPal because it's most used service? 2) How many % of you use...
  7. maxmayer

    Payment through website or direct order?

    Hey there! Just an interview. Please answer what do you think about this. I have a website and as I see most customers prefer to do an order & payment through website/personal office, is it so? Is it essential to provide such a service or clients may also do payment through direct contact with...
  8. maxmayer

    UR (Ahrefs) - what's the point?

    Can someone explain me this thing? Ahrefs says that their UR is tailored to Google's PageRank, but I've tried to figure out how it is calculated. I noticed a strange detail - that it takes into account the external / internal links of a certain page and thereby increases the URL rating. What's...
  9. maxmayer

    SEO or BHW?

    Hey there. I've got a question: what is more profitable - to sell my service (links related) at BHW by buying membership or website promotion through SEO to get clients from organic? Thanks