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    How quickly is a new view reflected in a video's viewcount?

    Don't be OCD, sometimes they appear right away, sometimes after a while, it's normal.
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    Difference between the age of aged youtube accounts?

    If the channel is new and video is new and grows fast it's actually a good signal to youtube.
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    How did this channel grow so fast? (30m views/a month after 8 months)

    Ahahah. Actually, I think that dumber videos get more views, lol. I've seen these retarted vids in my previous niche and they were getting millions of views while 'normal' videos only thousands, often less than 10 thousand. Maybe people like that kind of content.
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    Phone verify yt accounts?

    Can you phone verify accs without a sim card? I tried 2nr app but not working :/
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    DistroKid is a Liar !

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    How to rank YouTube videos as of April 2021?

    The same like google seo... 'Onsite seo' (video description) + aggressive views
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    I need one time Gmail creator

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    i need youtube views bot

    Oh sure you do.
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    No views on Youtube

    I'll tell you man. It's 2021, worldwide recession, everyone sitting at home and uploading videos at the same time. These views get diverted among multiple people, hence each single video gets less views.
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    Youtube suspended my account, can't create new so how do I circumvent that ?

    Idk about adsense, I earned from links in description. They banned me many times on youtube, I had this screen with broken tv sets and them basically saying I'm banned for life xP. I don't *think* they automatically banned me, though. I usually got banned for false copy strikes or for...
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    Monetization watchtime views + subs

    How come? Views can get you banned now? When I was doing yt months ago views weren't getting me banned, only content. Now views can get you banned too?
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    Best casino aff programs?

    Well, guys?
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    Twitch viewbot?

    Or do livestream views from panels work?
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    Twitch viewbot?

    Any ideas?
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    Monetization watchtime views + subs

    So they take a month? No couple days service on the market? I see one service that takes 24 hrs but it says no refill, lol, so I'm skeptical...
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    Monetization watchtime views + subs

    Hey guys, I see there are these '4h watchtime' services in smm panels. How long does it usually take them to finish? What to watch for when buying this? I obviously don't want to buy services that have 'no refill' written alll over them, lol. I mean if I order watchtime + subs, how fast...