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  1. UndercoverBrother

    Any Good Spam Out There?

    Good idea, let me look into this one thanks a lot.
  2. UndercoverBrother

    Any Good Spam Out There?

    OK, so for a campaign for weight loss you can scrape people's data and put their weight on the email title
  3. UndercoverBrother

    Any Good Spam Out There?

    Thanks a lot for this one, I will definately try it.
  4. UndercoverBrother

    Any Good Spam Out There?

    Of course, but it doesn't hurt to get a good idea off some spam.
  5. UndercoverBrother

    Any Good Spam Out There?

    How is that going for you results wise?
  6. UndercoverBrother

    Any Good Spam Out There?

    Have you guys come across good SPAM? Like, an unsolicited email/message/advert that you know is SPAM but is so good you want to see how it goes? I am always on the lookout for good Spam to get ideas on how to run campaigns. If you have come across good spam please share with us.
  7. UndercoverBrother

    Need help with starting to Email Marketing

    I use Mailwizz with SendGrid pushing the emails. Complex to set up but you end up with your own SMTP which works wonders. For warm up you can use Boxward. If you want to save money you can start a Warm Up Group and send each other emails.
  8. UndercoverBrother

    Your Opinion Matters about this Saas idea !

    There are programs out there already solving this problem but maybe I am missing something. Try conducting a survey and let the market tell you if they like your application or not.
  9. UndercoverBrother

    I have an email list of 3 million addresses - what should I do with it?

    The first thing you shall realise about email lists is that unless you curated that list yourself for a specific purpose, that list is useless. People love clicking on emails, but converting into sales is another story. Take the time to build your own email list for a specific offer, and...
  10. UndercoverBrother

    I own your Bet Forum. I have questions

    The main point of a betting forum is for people to win from betting. Try teaming up with betting tipsters that have a verified track record to attract members If you are not posting tips that result in profit then you are in trouble First place you can find wannabe tipsters is Telegram...
  11. UndercoverBrother

    Andrew Tate is here

    That is the case most likely
  12. UndercoverBrother

    Andrew Tate is here

    Ay man can I borrow your Boo'ga'iii?
  13. UndercoverBrother

    Any one has any good source for Chat GPT and Excel

    I think he wants to know which courses he can take to learn how to use ChatGPT on Excel.
  14. UndercoverBrother

    What games are we playing?

    On my phone I am playing 1) Candy Crush 2) Angry Birds 3) Long distance relationship
  15. UndercoverBrother

    I found a method that made me 50-100$ a day (suggestions)

    Find a person from a bank in a country that is not banned and they will set everything up from documents to bank accounts to sim cards, all in your name. Costs about $250. Then use VPN and also install WebRTC extension on your browser so that it doesn't leak your location to PayPal. Been doing...
  16. UndercoverBrother

    How do you manage all your passwords?

    I use NordPass. It doesn't have many features, its more like an electronic notepad. Does the job well considering that its free. Has annoying upsells though.
  17. UndercoverBrother

    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    I think one of the best ways to get examples of how to monetise apps/the strategies behind them is to download multiple random apps that seem useful, engage with them and note all the ways in which they try to make money off you. I have come across some pretty clever approaches to monetising...
  18. UndercoverBrother

    Andrew Tate Brand is dead.

    He is going to jail he isn't going to be a free man. They will make sure they get him in those charges.
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