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  1. CreativeDaddy

    Hello World!

    Welcome to BHW!
  2. CreativeDaddy

    On workout

    I usually do 72 hours rest between big muscular groups. Day 1. Chest and shoulders Day 2. Back, biceps and triceps Day 3. Full leg day Day 4. Reset to Day 1 Everyday I also do, in the beggining & end of every training, 10 minutes of cardio. This for 5 days a week, weekends I usually do...
  3. CreativeDaddy


    Interested in the kratus 1st tier. Do you work with non-english keywords? Niche is real estate
  4. CreativeDaddy

    Real WEBSITE Links - Ranking Quality

    Interested. Do you have real estate websites (in europe if possible)?
  5. CreativeDaddy

    [$9 Trial] We'll Give You 'SUPER-Targeted' Keywords With "NO COMPETITION" For "PAGE 1" Rankings

    Interested. Do you accept non-english keywords?
  6. CreativeDaddy

    How to Rank My Real Estate Service in my Locality

    What kind of backlink would you suggest? I tought tier 2/3 backlinks would be dogshit for google and possibly result in a penalty.
  7. CreativeDaddy

    How to Rank My Real Estate Service in my Locality

    What real estate service do you provide in specific? Short-term rentals? Broker? Also where is it located? Maybe I can help or even do a partnership :)
  8. CreativeDaddy

    Website like airbnb

    I work with those short-term rental platforms everyday and there is no way, at all, to replicate a platform like that with wordpress or any other cms. You can replicate basic functionalities like the integrated booking system with account creation and payment processor, policies etc but no way...
  9. CreativeDaddy

    AdultHTML: A Reliable Web Development Partner For Your Business

    Samples for wordpress websites (informational ones preferred). Thanks
  10. CreativeDaddy

    Where to buy aged domains?

    You can talk with @Nargil, he have some amazing domains
  11. CreativeDaddy

    TikTok Ban in the USA - the process

    Wise words.
  12. CreativeDaddy

    How host IP affects local website SEO?

    I know it evolves hundreds of nuances, this thread is about ip only. The question here is about if I should use a national (country) ip or a international like vultr ones. Two answers, that's it guys?
  13. CreativeDaddy

    [Journey] to 100,000 Visitors & £5,000 in London's Startup Community Space

    Good luck, I'll be following this journey.
  14. CreativeDaddy

    How host IP affects local website SEO?

    Fellow members, What's your opinion on the importance of host ip on local seo? I'm creating a project to target a super specific niche, only used on a specific country, already acquired the exact domain (its for educational purposes but related with my personal company sector...
  15. CreativeDaddy

    Pleased to have found this community

    Welcome to BHW!
  16. CreativeDaddy

    Knock, Knock. Who's There? Our Newest Moderator-In-Training: @MrDenz

    Congratz @MrDenz ! Wish you the best
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