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  1. Baraba

    I need 100K Lifetime YT subscribers!

    80 £ for 100K subscribers? Good joke....
  2. Baraba

    My Journey To Youtube Monetization

    1. No. Taxes and payments are handled by Adsense, not YouTube. YouTube don't care where your account is registered and where you residency is. 2. No. Your avatar is not related to your real persona. There are thousands of faceless channels that are monetized.
  3. Baraba

    My Sales / Your Paypal or Stripe

    I can do this, but how do you need your money received? Bank transfer, Crypto, Cash, Other? We can do some deal.
  4. Baraba

    YouTube Payments

    Reach the requirements for new members, and you will be able to.
  5. Baraba

    Phone farm free electricity. HELP

    Install dedicated software. Create BST thread or panel. Profit...
  6. Baraba

    YouTube Payments

    I have MCN and I transfer the money to channel owners by many means - bank transfer, Wire, Paypal, Crypto, Cash etc... Private msg me for more information. Be aware that you can join MCN even if not monetized (with 0 subscribers and watch hours), but in order to get monetized, you still get...
  7. Baraba

    YouTube Adult Niche Monetisation?

    For monetization the last 365 days watchhours are considered. But if it is not monetized before, you will have hard time monetizing with age restricted videos.
  8. Baraba

    YouTube Adult Niche Monetisation?

    You don't need to sustain the 4K watchhours once monetized, but if you don't upload for 6 months, it automatically gets demonetized. If channel is monetized, there is no issue having age restricted or demonetized videos, that bring traffic to other videos or gain memberships.
  9. Baraba

    YouTube Adult Niche Monetisation?

    If videos are not naughty, why not use monetized channel and post the videos you want to sell as Members only? Set membership levels with different prices and different length of videos, and get steady revenue each month. Message me if you need more help with this.
  10. Baraba

    Reddit Contributors Program - Anybody joined and earning from it?

    Reddit now allows you to earn real money from your posts. Exempt from their program: Now redditors can earn real money for their contributions to the Reddit community, based on the karma and gold they've received. HOW IT WORKS Qualifying redditors complete the verification process to join the...
  11. Baraba

    What's up with the bots on BHW?

    Hi. Recently, when reading topics on BHW I see many accounts that look suspicious. They post generic messages or questions and they are always with less than 100 posts. Some of them have profile pictures, but most of them not. Is this some BHW members farming accounts for selling in BST threads...
  12. Baraba

    How to buy on Binance?

    Yes, transferring money is difficult on Binance. I managed to do it twice with card and cash, but they take commissions and taxes and it was hard. So I went by totally different route. I bought cryptominer and now I mine my own funds on the Binance pool.
  13. Baraba

    Can I post more than one short a day?

  14. Baraba

    Buying Monetized Channels: Open Discussion

    Getting monetized channel from scratch is very easy nowadays. No need to buy monetized channel, because this is risky. Better create a new one and upload watchable videos that will make the channel monetized in no time. Much cheaper and secure.
  15. Baraba


    Review: As a busy creator, I always look to outsource my video making job to third parties. Checking Fiverr, Upwork and other sites is tedious job, just to find someone to do a part of the whole process, with dubious quality. Then I need to search for video materials, editor, script writer...
  16. Baraba


    Big Youtubers using proxies to inflate views is a fallacy. Once they have enough subscribers, there is no point in inflating views. Views come naturally and money are better spend on higher quality videos. Inflating views is done mostly by small YouTubers for initial reach and eventually getting...
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