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    How to Build a Successful and Profitable Online SEO Service (and what NOT to do)

    Tommy, Post your evolution of Banners here. I missed them, or I don't recall seeing them!
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    BTC $255 Getting Its Assed Kicked!

    Apple is going to change currency with their mobile applepay platform. Maybe they will buy BTC and use it within applepay and revive BTC!
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    My CTR 0.605% on POF after 3 days.

    Don't forget to try a LP that is an optin to your autoresponder. OFFER something for free like "Secret List of Where You Can Find Hot Women/Men Online? Create at least a 7 day email campaign and see how this compares for ROI.
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    Multilingual Website

    I have built websites with two languages. I installed Wordpress in two directories: root directory for English ... and for the second language in another directory: Be sure to change the meta language for the second language. All has worked...
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    Follow me while I make $250,000+ in 365 days from BHW methods alone

    There are a lot of threads that you plan to work. Are you spreading yourself too thin by trying so many BHW methods for making income? Wouldn't it be better to pick a few methods and not so many?
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    ZennoPoster 5 - Automate any task in the Internet

    I am trying to determine the relative difference in productivity between ZP Lite and Standard. At this time it would be just me learning how to implement ZP. Anyone have some advice on what I should get?
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    After 2 years in IM, signed my first big deal of $20k

    Well done! You are on your way to new levels of success. Be sure to over deliver to your client and the referrals will come and keep you busy!
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    [GET] Google Power Seach Classes -- FREE for BHW Members (Starts July 10, 2012)

    Thanks for offering the course. I think I made it.... under the 129 enrollment?
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    Got my traffic growing by the minute. FU penguin. Here is what I did.

    What did you different than me? My sites are off the grid.
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    Got my traffic growing by the minute. FU penguin. Here is what I did.

    Why don't you redirect the 404 to a competitor site that is ranking on G and see if they drop?
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    [OFFLINE JOURNAL] Full On SERIOUS Business! Offline Journey NO MESSING! Photos inside!

    Great journal with photos. You should do well. Keep us updated and we can help add to the ideas that the two of you are sharing!
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    New viral apps?

    Check on the WF. Check this out.... then share it!
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    Whats the best free membership plugin for wordpress?

    This is not a free membership plugin, but I was impressed with its features and comments from users.
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    RELAUNCH! PinBlaster-First Pinterest Automation Software [Follow/Like/Pin/Repin/Autopilot]

    Is there anyway to GEO target the active Pinners?
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    Affiliate & Premium Domains About To Drop

    I am interested. PM with details please.
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    Looking for JV partner for our upcomming product ( Pinterest Automation Software)

    Interesting! How will your software compare to bots developed here?
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    How I survived Panda 3.3 – An Optimization Guide - HARDWORK REVEALED

    I don't think we have seen the end of Panda and the big G's attempt to shake out the SEO algos that they will find and deindex. Good read and ideas in your method. Keep us informed of your results in the future.
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    [Giveaway]5 Cpanel Webhosting

    I will pay a dollar! Let me know when you have pricing!
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    iBacklinkPRO Steal Your Competitor’s High PR Backlinks - FREE DEMO!

    Do you offer any promos or offers on something between the Bronze and Silver iBacklinkPro packages?
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    JV - Long Term SEO - HUGE Recurring Revenue Stream!

    I would suggest SEO but also social media marketing to build revenues for a LIFELOCK related product. I have an interest, but don't take my posts here on BHW as my resume! PM me if you want results.
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