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    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    My conspiracy theory is that the Google workers, the actual people who operate this shithole called Google Play, are exploiting this system by banning easy-niche competitors with shit apps and earning millions from it on their own with their own (shit) apps.
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    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    Is it Swift or Flutter?
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    Free Anti Detect Browser With 100 Profiles

    Guys, there are so many of those anti-detect browsers. Do you think it's still market for a new one? If it would be slightly cheaper and would have full support for separate fingerprints (including different canvas fingerprint for each profile).
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    AI tools to create images

    or just use Stable Diffusion locally, if you have GPU.
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    How to Merge 1000's of Images into Video?

    I asked ChatGPT for ffmpeg syntax, and... To merge 1000 images into an MP4 clip using FFmpeg, you'll want to ensure your images are named in a sequential manner (e.g., img001.jpg, img002.jpg, ..., img999.jpg, img1000.jpg) so FFmpeg can recognize them as a sequence. The general command line for...
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    Adsense banned in 2010

    In the mobile app thread a dude wrote, that you can try this path: 1. request google to delete your Google account (just Google how to do this) 2. get new PC, new phone, etc. 3. wait 3-12 months, so Google possibly purges "deleted account" with all your data 4. try to register new AdSense -...
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    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    Whoah, 80% is an amazing and even a value hard to believe.
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    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    I'm working with Flutter on my daily job. There are definitely no thousands of problems. I've heard 80% Flutter Devs does not even code with Swift or Kotlin, and somehow they still have a job.
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    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    Great journey. I've read all 50 pages! I used to create Android apps from 2011 to 2017. They terminated my first (created with my real name) account in 2012. Up to 2017 I was still trying to earn from apps, and my best results were $500-600/d for couple of months from ads only. It started...
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    How do you stay motivated and get your work done?

    I'm doing that too! Another hint: move tasks that you DON'T want to look at in the next weeks / months, but you want to do them in some further future, and put them on a separate list. Without that you may end up like me - having a TODO.txt file of 2000 lines :P
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    Alright... suggestions are welcome

    Got fired from my second software-engineering job (OE) yesterday. I was sad and depressed, even had a nightmare with a client talking to me about the reasons. Suddenly since the morning it all went away and my mood is recovering.
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    Looking to get into OF money

    by the way - did anyone succeed with AI-model on OF or similar sites? I've read OF requires KYC, so you need to actually be the model, and it cannot be a non-existent person.
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    How do you stay motivated and get your work done?

    That works for individuals who already have their goals clear and set. And this method works because when you wake up your mind is not yet distracted by everything around, especially social media, news, noices, everything. I've learned I can enter flow almost anytime, but... I sometimes forget...
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    The fastest way to get Instagram to 10k

    Does it also mean you unfollow+follow the same accounts? Or just new ones?
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    How do you open sql files?

    please define what is an "SQL file". Normally it's a text file with SQL queries.
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    problem with ffmpeg

    Keep in mind meta shouldn't be cleared completely, but it's possible to change 'creation_time' or other tags even using ffmpeg.
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    How much money can you make on TikTok?

    I guess it all depends on the content as well. If you show your face, and you are an attractive female (and I'm not talking about selling nudes!) - it will earn more than a spam account with stolen clips.
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    Flutter App developement Future!

    Well, looks like you are wrong. Google is actually pushing more and more into Flutter. Even their Google Play app is written in Flutter.
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    Did someone has some software

    I can sell you a Linux install distro on CD. Interested? ;-)
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    Almost all "money making methods" on marketplace is crap?

    I used to be a freelancer (an app developer) on UpWork. After about 10 cheap projects made (from $50 to $500 per project) I found a full time job. It ended around $40/h and lasted for over a year.
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