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    Reddit.Top — Reddit UPvotes | $0.05/⬆️ | Automatic order | Target position | Pinning position | Analytics

    i'm just a noob here, so my vouch is probably worthless. However, i do want to say that we tried this service and it worked great. I would definitely use them again.
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    Teach me something new in just one sentence.

    The word "facetiously" is the only word in English with all 5 vowels, and y, in alphabetical order.
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    Thanks! You all seem friendly, I should've registered a long time ago instead of just lurking. :)
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    Help Me. My Reddit Account Suspended - (Without Any Reason)

    I have heard that even if you have multiple accounts, even if you use a VPN / different IP addresses, you can be banned or shadow banned if there's any activity suggesting vote coordination. I was told it's best to keep all accounts separate with different IP and MAC addresses.
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    long time listener, first time caller. hope everybody's having a good day.
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