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  1. Voo

    Need ios+android app developed with ChatGPT as a chatbot

    I want a role play app using Chat GPT as the brains. I'd like to have 2-4 personalities prebuilt in to the app for the user to select from and I want people to have to subscribe and pay for it. I want the app available on both android and Ios. Reference: The app doesn't...
  2. Voo

    Want sticky TrustPilot reviews

    I'd like to buy sticky non drop TrustPilot reviews. Looking forward to hearing your offers.
  3. Voo

    Shitlist Against @thetraveller

    its quite a bold scam. Normally when the seller refuses to use the standard service/item buy option on PP or worse outright refuses to use PayPal and insists on crypto it can be one of the first red flags. Being backed by buyer protection is normally half way enough to sift out the scammers.
  4. Voo

    Shitlist Against @thetraveller

    He said the same thing to me from the exact same Philippines based PP account. it’s all part of the scam I think, just continue on with the dispute.
  5. Voo

    Shitlist Against @thetraveller

    I've just initiated it. The prices did seem a bit too good to be true. As the saying goes..
  6. Voo

    Shitlist Against @thetraveller

    I put 50% down payment on article for $1000...will see what happens.
  7. Voo

    Press releases - how effective?

    Depends on what your end goal is. Can be useful for a wide variety of things ranging from SEO improvements all the way to artificial reputation enhancement (Social verification, inflated perception of company value etc...)
  8. Voo

    Trusted Editorial Publications - Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many more high DA sites. [Payment after completion]

    REVIEW: X1 Full feature Forbes article. X1 article (bonus) The customer care and support is phenomenal with Take Action, they never asked nor insisted on me writing this review but I think it's 100% warranted. These guys do not beat around the bush and get right down to...
  9. Voo

    Need a part time content writer

    I require a UK/US native contest writer with experience who is highly versed in research and producing quality pieces. Categories: -Influencer marketing - Fashion - Spirituality - Food - Pets - Gadgets and Amazon shopping - Makeup and acxessofies I’ll be looking at more than 20 x 500-1000...
  10. Voo


    Just purchased, looking forward to receiving login details.
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