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  1. paulpaul25

    Any experience with Villiars Jets? Or any other private jets programs?

    I’ve recently signed up to Villiars jets affiliate and the structure seems pretty good put together but their affiliate managers aren’t responsive and they don’t have many resources, anyone got any experience with their program or any other private jet affiliate programs? Mostly interested in...
  2. paulpaul25

    What would you with $20K?

    Check my Rolex thread, it’s easy money with decent return, and you can do this over and over again
  3. paulpaul25

    Onlyfans Agency Model Referral & Affiliate

    Guys, Are there any real OFM agencies out there with a reliable affiliate or referral program when it comes to referring new models? I was working with a small agency with a decent % recurring but the owner closed the business from personal reasons and now I’m looking to find a larger & more...
  4. paulpaul25

    [Crazy] 13M Subscribers in 1 MONTH.

    Honestly I don’t understand what’s the catch or how that shi**y video generated 85M views, and also why would anyone watch that….am I too old for this?
  5. paulpaul25

    [FREE] Udemy Courses 03.12.2021

    Hi, I know it’s been a lot of time since you posted this, but I can’t see the download link or the full access links, I’m interested in the first piano course link, any help?
  6. paulpaul25

    My White label Digital Marketing agency + Your Clients.

    Are you still looking for this? Can you please PM me?
  7. paulpaul25

    [FREEBIES] Get any item from Elements Envato

    Hello, is there any chance I can get this? Thanks a lot!
  8. paulpaul25

    GET Anything From ENVATO ELEMENTS totally FREE!

    Hello, would there be any chance to get this?
  9. paulpaul25

    See suspended account’s followers?

    Hello, One of my business-related accounts got suspended by Instagram due to copyright issues (brand names) and I lost access to it and I’ve been wondering if there’s a way to see my followers? Reson behind is because I also lost my DMs and few of them were my clients. I’ve already appealed...
  10. paulpaul25 ~ SMM PANEL ~ Cheap TikTok, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud & 1000+ Services

    Can I please have a review balance? Username: paulpaul25 Thanks,
  11. paulpaul25

    Free/Organic Job Candidates?

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend any reliable platforms for getting organic/free job candidates for my job offers? My main target is to get potential candidates to contact me via email. So far I've tried Reddit and got a decent amount of candidates, but I'm now looking to scale this as I'll be...
  12. paulpaul25

    [JV] My Instagram growth service + Your clients.

    Can you send me some info about your actual services/workflow/results, as well as your rates? I'm constantly working with small businesses, so we might be able to work together.
  13. paulpaul25

    [DISCUSSION] How many of you are still making Money with CPA Marketing?

    I have a friend that does this full time. He started with paid ads in 2018 I think, and he's now using influencer marketing to make it work, however working with people is really difficult and he got scammed/baited multiple times by influencers.
  14. paulpaul25

    [Method] How Rolex Made Me €11k

    UPDATE: I know this is not a journey, but a money-making method, BUT 5 days ago I just got the call for a beautiful Rolex Submariner Date aka "Starbucks" with the green bezel, and black dial (ref. 126610LV). Paid around ~ €10.500 on it, and its market value is currently sitting at around €17k...
  15. paulpaul25

    [Method] How Rolex Made Me €11k

    Thank you buddy!
  16. paulpaul25

    [Method] How Rolex Made Me €11k

    I'm not actually, I'm based in the EU. Any changes since then? Also what models have you requested? If you don't mind ofc. Couldn't agree more. I'm glad you found it useful! Thank you, I really hope it helps, as there's room for everyone, it only requires some patience and initial funds. I'm...
  17. paulpaul25

    All-In: My Journey to Happiness or Death

    Buddy, I know I was kind of spicy with my first comment and you didn't read it, but you SHOULD try YouTube or TikTok as in my opinion, these are the best platforms to push organic content right now and build an audience. In my opinion, YT is more solid as its algorithm is not as volatile, and it...
  18. paulpaul25

    [Method] How Rolex Made Me €11k

    No they can’t, and they don’t really care about that as they don’t put their own money into backing up sellers watches. The only way someone could track a stolen watch is via the serial number, but regular buyers or 2nd-hand dealers don’t have access to such an up-to-date detailed database...
  19. paulpaul25

    All-In: My Journey to Happiness or Death

    Hey mate, no disrepect to you but…”I just want to be mentally healthy and get on with my life.” No, you don’t. You’re just lazy and ignorant, hoping something will fall from the sky right into your arms. I do understand you have your own issues and you’re having an inner fight, but what’s...
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