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  1. netmoney1

    Who is CEOsam and NetMoney1?

    Supporting him? Are you high, stupid or trolling? I clearly rip him. Put down the pipe kid...
  2. netmoney1

    Instagram Blue Checkbox Verification Services?

    Pretty bold statement. lol
  3. netmoney1

    Realtor partnerships?

    Everyone and their brother is a realtor. Most never sell a single home. Since they are willing to split the commission I am assuming they suck or are brand new. If they were an experienced realtor making money they would hire you to generate leads and pay you per lead, knowing they would...
  4. netmoney1

    Need DM Groups - Large (250K, 500K, 1m)

    Just PM me here with what you have...but only if you have large active DM groups. Not here to waste time.
  5. netmoney1

    Need DM Groups - Large (250K, 500K, 1m)

    Anyone have DM groups for large accounts....250k, 500k and 1m? PM me if you do...
  6. netmoney1

    Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur now no-follow all their external links

    Been up to my eyeballs in jizz from all the do-follow links I've been building...
  7. netmoney1

    How TF is this dude VERIFIED?! @aswaaq

    Pay to play :)
  8. netmoney1

    Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur now no-follow all their external links

    There are two people in this discussion: 1. The people that get cream their pants when they hear "do-follow" ...they will shift their focus on "PBNs" that are "DO-FOLLOW" (be right back...just jizzed myself) ...and they will buy into all the upcoming "DO-FOLLOW PBNs" (damn, full on bust again)...
  9. netmoney1

    Theory 1 page in google is imposible for the poor people

    Bro, put down the pipe. You are talking rational sense. That is not allowed here. Now tell me how to rank "cheap viagra" by tomorrow. I have a healthy budget of $237.27.
  10. netmoney1

    100,000 followers/ $10,000 in 1 month - Instagram Challenge by Indianbill

    IG can be a goldmine. Can't agree with your "act like a human" point more. Very important.
  11. netmoney1

    Gotta Rank Client's Keywords into First Page in 10 Days Or...

    Just been busy with life. I still log in from time to time.
  12. netmoney1

    Gotta Rank Client's Keywords into First Page in 10 Days Or...

    Clowns like you are the reason I got out of the SEO industry.
  13. netmoney1

    Weird giveaway scheme going on: is it just to boost followers/engagement?

    Works like a charm. This has been going on since IG launched. Nothing new here at all.
  14. netmoney1

    how i can verify my FB page with blue sign

    Again, you are wrong. That is how you get the gray badge. He is specifically asking about the blue.
  15. netmoney1

    What would you guys think about a social media outreach tool?

    I'm not debating. I'm simply stating how it works in the real world. Instead of just tweaking what is already available (there are tons of outreach tools) why not create a platform that rewards journalists and bloggers. For example, let's say that a monthly subscription box was looking for...
  16. netmoney1

    Just started a new client seo site. any advice?

    Load up on secret sauce.
  17. netmoney1

    Visa trying to force restaurants to eliminate cash

    Can you blame them? Less cash transactions, more revenue for them. Just like restaurants charge $2.99 for a soda. ...and McDonald's draws you in with their 99 cent menu, but then you end up getting up-sold to a meal...then super-sizing it. EVERYTHING is about revenue in this world. The dollar...
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