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    Hello and welcome to BHW! So many great resources here!
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    New to BHW

    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your time here and let us know if you have questions!
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    Would you prefer the world without AI?

    AI terrifies me! I would prefer the world without it but there's no stopping it now :(
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    Should Gambling be Legal in all countries?

    Yes of course! I shouldn't have to fly to Vegas to throw my money away!
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    It will! Look through the forums. You will learn so much!
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    Hello BHW World!

    Hello! And welcome to the community! You will learn a lot from the forums!
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    Hello, I'm new.

    Hey there! I'm new too! Welcome fellow newbie!
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    Hey BHW!

    Welcome to BHW Rick! Enjoy your time here!
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    account settings

    Did you get it all figured out?
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    Hello! i m Iasonas

    Welcome! Let me know if you have any questions!
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    Hello Tom! Welcome! Enjoy your time here!
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    Everyone know me

    Hello and welcome!
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    Looking for a piece of software, that can search google and click MY links

    I have not had a ton of luck with storm proxies tbh
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    Aged accounts

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