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    Google Plus Profile Images - is Google Tracking Machine ID?

    thanks for reply, but "don't worry about it" isn't exactly an answer. have you ever had 100 google plus accounts disappeared over night?
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    Google Plus Profile Images - is Google Tracking Machine ID?

    I read somewhere that Google is tracking machine ID when images are uploaded to Google+ profiles. might explain why they make it difficult to add images from online sources and require upload from computer. Can anyone comment on this? Do they capture machine ID? Is there a method to mask...
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    PandaBot.Net Free SEO Software for Websites, YouTube Videos and Social Media

    glad to see a thread here so more people will use this service (more people, I hope not too many once the word gets out) The app is well designed and professionally put together; among many features, the submitter does a safety check - I have not gotten any Kaspersky flags and it runs in...
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    Is wptraffictools worth anything?

    I was really struggling finding a workable (read understandable) solution to manage my banner ads. Poking around the hatnohat forum I took a look at WP Traffic Tools - and bought it - and installed it... and took an hour or so to figure it all out... and now I'm never looking back - it does a...
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