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  1. balooka

    Need WORKING YouTube Views - BUT READ FIRST!

    Seeking a Reliable Direct Supplier for High-Quality, Non-Drop YouTube Views We're on the hunt for a direct supplier of stable and non-drop YouTube views, moving beyond the redundancy of SMM Panels that often recycle the same offerings. Currently, our agency invests upwards of $5k monthly into...
  2. balooka


    A few panel people in here, question? I been buying likes from a big panel for years. I accept drops up to 20% but in last few days one provider shut down and the likes are dropping massively. I am trying other services to refill, but still get drops. I have a feeling I will lose all this...
  3. balooka

    [FREE 7-DAY TRIAL] Linken Sphere - multithreaded / antidetect / traffic arbitrage / multiaccounting

    I have used the contact details listed and never received a reply (over 3 months) I don't care about a free trial Ill pay for the trial if you can PM me and give me some details.
  4. balooka

    Autland versus Socinator versus ?

    I have used socinator for a while and it is often buggy. I use it mostly with YouTube commenting and Liking/Disliking. We don't spam with this, havent used it a lot and it often falls over. Is autland better? or what other tool would you recommend?
  5. balooka

    PVACodes.Com Online SMS verification Service

    who is the cheapest
  6. balooka

    (Rank Tracking Proxies, IPv4/IPv6 Residential, and Datacenter Premium Proxies -

    I have messaged you on facebook - I have used your sites contact form, and messaged here. do you reply? I do want to do business with you - but your lack of contact is concerning
  7. balooka

    ⭐⭐⭐ Storm Proxies ⭐⭐⭐ 700,000+ Premium Reverse Rotating Proxies ✅ Starting from $11.90 ✅

    Are these good for all Social media sites? If not which ones are they not good for?
  8. balooka

    ***High Quality Accounts***Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter. Non-Pva/Only

    how long will non pva youtube accounts last?
  9. balooka - Boost your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other profiles in minutes!

    hard to keep up - but what is the latest price on YTR views? and is it high retention and desktop?
  10. balooka

    Still no YouTube comment upvotes?

    were you patched?
  11. balooka

    Journey to $1000/week blog

    I'll follow this
  12. balooka

    which affilate network do you recommend?!

    What are the best offers these days? I was trying crypto currency but they sign up and never convert
  13. balooka

    Dedicated Private Proxies - Shared Proxies -VPN's -Discount -100% Working

    sorry, the thread is so long - in case I ask something you recently posted. But do you have residential proxies? and what package do you have for testing
  14. balooka

    ⚡ 31 Million HTTP/S & SOCKS 4/5 Residential IP's Backconnect Private Proxies ⚡

    Are there any deals on - the thread is so long its hard to keep up - and anyone use Microleaves and has anything to say about them?
  15. balooka

    Residential IPs Proxies

    I am interested too - anyone have any reviews on them?
  16. balooka

    What is your monthly earning goal?

    Sustainable living? Where? Thailand could live like a king for 10K - Australia same life style 30K
  17. balooka

    Youtube views

    did you find one yet?
  18. balooka

    BigBuddy's Youtube Retention Views is Back 3000+ Happy Buyers

    order started, ran decent for one day now getting maybe 50 a day??? not great
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