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  1. k-koby

    Old domain & Links in GSC

    GSC is not a prcise tool, unfortunatey.
  2. k-koby

    What is the best thing for keywords to go top?

    Link building is good for a start. Later, when you have enough money, you need to move to PBN, your own PBN and then old domains for 301 redirects.
  3. k-koby

    Best EU country to study in 2024 ?

    OP, it is very interesting that you mentioned the quantity of migrants in the United Kingdom, because in this case you can cross out almost all European countries. LOL. Since the level of teaching in Europe is determined not by the country, but by a specific university, I suggest you consider...
  4. k-koby


    Huh, you're here for numbers, right?
  5. k-koby

    How To Snipe and Trade Meme Coins for 100x (Full Guide)

    Yes! That's why I am asking. What is the right link?
  6. k-koby

    hello BHW

    Welcome to the BHW!
  7. k-koby

    How To Snipe and Trade Meme Coins for 100x (Full Guide)

    Thank you for detailed tutorial! Anyone can tell me what I need to pick as a right bot? As I see a variety of choices.
  8. k-koby

    Need index same day

    It's only possible for a very trusted web-site, where tons of useful content are being added daily.
  9. k-koby

    Digital Ocean IPs are good?

    If you are looking for 'good' IPs, you'd better search for small and non-popular hosting provider. Digital Ocean is very popular and IPs look spammy.
  10. k-koby

    Hello BHW!

    Welcome, Veronica !
  11. k-koby

    How much time is enough to get traction on a forum ?

    You need unique content and 2-3 months to wait.
  12. k-koby


    It's much important if there is a knowledge here how to become a millionare!
  13. k-koby

    Hello brothers and sisters

    Welcome to the best forum in the Internet!
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