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  1. stevan232

    Hiring Onlyfans Chatters

    We are looking for 2 hard-working, reliable, independent OF chatters with previous experience. This position will consist of chatting on behalf of a top 1.2% model to new and existing subscribers. We are aiming for a 1:7 ratio with chatting. meaning if we get 100$ worth of subs in a day we...
  2. stevan232

    Looking For Tinder SMS Verification Numbers

    Hello, Looking for a provider that can give me Tinder numbers that haven't been used before Numbers must be US and at a Reasonable Price Im looking for something like Daisy but less saturated Thank you
  3. stevan232


    you used stripe with klarna to scale to 1m?
  4. stevan232


    Im not based in US but i have a foreign LLC, can that work?
  5. stevan232

    Tinder Bio - Tips & Suggestions

    hard to believe to be honest
  6. stevan232


    Because you cant just write IG: or SNAP: all stuff like this or similar get SB
  7. stevan232

    Tinder Unlimited Account 2024

    Is this still valid?
  8. stevan232

    Tinder Bio - Tips & Suggestions

    how do you create accounts?
  9. stevan232

    Looking For An Affiliate Network With Blank Pin Submit Offers

    The title says it all. Looking for a network that has Blank Pin Submit offers that we can promote We can do big volume with good offers The traffic source is paid marketing (FB/IG)
  10. stevan232

    Newbie here / Making 800$ on NSFW Niche - I want to transit into Trading

    arent you doing affiliate also, pretty sure I saw you on twitter
  11. stevan232

    Newbie here / Making 800$ on NSFW Niche - I want to transit into Trading

    Why would you want to go into trading and not focus on what works for you already? I made same mistake a few times, trust me its not worth it You have shiny syndrome hitting you
  12. stevan232


    How can you help, i need High Risk processing also
  13. stevan232

    payment processing partner for a high-risk business recommendations

    well, you are probably doing no ship and need something strong, right? Sweeps might be worth for you
  14. stevan232

    Case study: Cloning Bumble vs real devices

    did you use same location?
  15. stevan232

    Replica Website Methods

    You will get banned by payment processors instantly
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