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  1. jjgg89

    I discovered how algorithm work

    which tips have you found most helpful that helps you increase views?
  2. jjgg89

    I discovered how algorithm work

    okay, yeah i have a bunch of them on private and unlisted videos that didnt do well, and has no views. Can i mass delete them or do i have to like delete 4-5 at a time? and wait till the next day to delete more? also when you delete your videos does youtube give ur other videos a boost? Cuz i...
  3. jjgg89

    I discovered how algorithm work

    @PaddyVu Hey Op, If im trying to grow a community and my subs, is it better to unlist the videos that arent doign well, I think if they like my new video and come to my channel and see that my old videos arent good they would leave. but does unlisting past videos hurt my channel because the...
  4. jjgg89

    I discovered how algorithm work

    thats interesting he has no ig posts, but he does show his channel growth. Those movie recap videos usually has a script and some automated voice thing talking, pretty sick set up
  5. jjgg89

    Craziest conspiracy theory behind the recent crypto CRASH (starting with $LUNA)

    is this for real, or is this just speculations? Why is btc dropping are they trying to liquate celius cuz its not working lol
  6. jjgg89

    I discovered how algorithm work

    yoooo funny enough i do watch these type of movie recap videos and i do find some good movies to watch from them! lol they work, i didnt know this was from a BHW member thats pretty cool
  7. jjgg89

    I discovered how algorithm work

    I think if its under 1min and verical, it will be considered as short,
  8. jjgg89

    I discovered how algorithm work

    I think my goal right now is build out my audience to grow and have a interactive community, not so much money atm. Is this best way to do this through shorts, cuz i know its hard to grow on youtube, but its easier to on tiktok, im wondering if they adopted that growth model from tiktok to...
  9. jjgg89

    I discovered how algorithm work

    so it dont matter where i upload my vertical video on, if its vertical and less than 1 min youtube will pick it up as a short? because I know for mobile it says u can create a short but for desktop it just says upload video. also theres case studies for some youtubers that once they started...
  10. jjgg89

    I discovered how algorithm work

    So is it better to upload a vertical video as normal and then youtube will auto put it as a short also? I see some other youtubers with the short badge on their vertical videos, do you only get that if you post as normal or as short? also for anyone else who has had success with this method...
  11. jjgg89

    I discovered how algorithm work

    Hey OP, do you buy views to help push your shorts and get it viral?
  12. jjgg89

    Growing YouTube through shorts

    Hey op, seen your post, any new updates? also have you tried buying views for your shorts?
  13. jjgg89

    [Journey] Youtube Shorts to 50k subscribers (Reuploading TikToks)

    Hey OP, have you thought about or have you purchased views for your youtube shorts at all to get them going? im wondering how this will effect the channel and the scalability of it
  14. jjgg89

    Youtube Shorts stops getting views!!!

    do you guys think buying views for shorts will help it getting pushed out more?
  15. jjgg89

    The YT Shorts Algorithm

    does buying views for youtube shorts help increase its chances to go viral?
  16. jjgg89

    *** High Quality Accounts*** Hotmail, Facebook PVA, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube ect.....

    I have a question about the instagram accounts, what if instagram asks for a recovery password or code or phone verification and wants to send the code to a phone that is connected to the account? Ive had this problem before with accounts i bought where i didn't have access to the phone numbers...
  17. jjgg89

    Channel Case Study of Youtube Tricks - How Did They GROW SO FAST?

    Sad to see op not here anymore. He probably found a method that works, and now has become the people who he hated most, the ones who'd not share anything. I guess he finally understands the people who he hated most (the ones who hold out not he info). But anyways. I started a new channel awhile...
  18. jjgg89

    So many coins & ICO, I'm confused! I wanna buy them all!

    Hey Op, How much did you staart with when you got into crypto? I am starting with 1-2k

    Hey Just another panel. I am waiting for Youtube Hr views to come back online, hopefully they willl be back soon! looking forward to them! =]

    Is there any updates on the views? Will you have youtube comment up votes also?
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