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    GeoIP multiple IP input with city output -- use that, works well and free.
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    [Free to Try] Facebook FriendAdder - Bypass Captcha, Add friends full automatically!

    I just bought Facebook Friend Adder (after trying the demo a handful of times). I must say that this is definitely one of the better pieces of software out there. It does exactly as described and it's nice that you can load it up with multiple accounts. If you're looking to grow your Facebook...
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    Need advice in buying my first ever domain

    Namecheap has a coupon SWITCH2NC.. save some money.
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    Hi, ImBatman and I come bearing gifts

    I'm on Google Wave and I don't see the point of it..
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    Facebook Redirect Trick

    Cool trick. Thanks.
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    Lets Steal the 2010 NBA All Star Vote - Amazing Internet Prank

    Digg up. With 2 diggs, you got a ways to go! :D
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    Need advice in buying my first ever domain

    I agree with the above post. Namcheap's free whois protection is awesome. Godaddy charges like $5-7 for that.
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    i dunno why youse guys tells all your secrets

    The best methods are your own.
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    HELP ?? how to decode ioncube files ???

    I've never used this but a quick google search found:
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    Need advice in buying my first ever domain

    Registrar doesn't matter THAT much. It's mostly about price (as long as you find a legit company). Godaddy, Namecheap...
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    How to start with 100$

    Don't be eager to spend your $100. (Paid) information, for the most part, can be found free SOMEWHERE.. I'd say just learn for now and don't do anything.. you don't even need to spend money for a lot of methods.
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    Webmaster Tools says I am ranking for my keywords but I can't find my site...Sandboxed?

    For experience, I've found Google Webmaster doesn't always report that accurate of information.
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    PR9 ******** link

    Do profile links really make any difference?
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    what is the best CPA program?

    i haven't had any problems with maxbounty.
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    Post count stuck again

    I've seen it a time or two.. sometimes it takes a few seconds to update for me.
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    My rant! This fucker only got 4 years for killing my friend!!

    I'm sorry to hear that. At least he'll get out sooner for you to make his life hell. =)
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    (req) cpa autofill

    lol. first post on the 3rd page of the DP thread: " this is scam! If you're one of bhw I hope you die tomorrow you mother fuc king dick head."
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    gmail now asking for 100% sms verification ?

    just made one without problems.
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    commission junction is a scam

    Sucks.. I'd be pissed too.
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