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  1. Dr_Scythe

    How I made $200 per day in ecommerce with dropshipping and you can too! [PART 1]

    Hi Mike, You have to copy the template files from woocommerce. so look in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/emails FTP the email templates you want to change to your local machine. Change them then upload to wp-content/themes/MYTHEME/woocommerce/emails (you'll likely need to create...
  2. Dr_Scythe

    How I made $200 per day in ecommerce with dropshipping and you can too! [PART 1]

    I've set up a semi-active site I already had in the pets space (not dogs) to try and use this method. I've set up 5 products so far from a single aliexpress store and configured 1 of them to be my free/cheap promo item with the rest prices with good margins. My issue is now with Facebook, I...
  3. Dr_Scythe


    Another order placed for a new site. Transaction ID ending in 252N. Looking forward to the results!
  4. Dr_Scythe

    Looking for web developer JV

    Interested, Added you on Skype
  5. Dr_Scythe

    Premium Microniche Sites The Best Keywords 24x7 Support By

    3 Weeks since website delivery: 27 site visits in Google Analytics 9 clicks through to Amazon 0 sales An outsourced link building campaign has been used on the site and over the last few days I've just started to see the site appear in some yahoo/bing results for some of the keywords (rank...
  6. Dr_Scythe

    Top notch Money site quality content at $6/500 words!

    Order placed for 2 articles as a test. Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXA3411343K
  7. Dr_Scythe

    Top notch Money site quality content at $6/500 words!

    Are you able to do product review style content? And are you able to PM me a sample?
  8. Dr_Scythe

    Premium Microniche Sites The Best Keywords 24x7 Support By

    Update: Site has been live for 1 week, No SEO has been done as of yet and I've got 11 sessions on the site in GA and 5 clicks through to Amazon so far, still no sales. Good to see even at a microscopic level of traffic the site is converting well into amazon clicks. I've ordered a few SEO...
  9. Dr_Scythe

    Premium Microniche Sites The Best Keywords 24x7 Support By

    Had my platinum amazon site delivered roughly a week after ordering. Site design is basic but functional, includes 10 product review/overview style posts with great quality images and text reads fairly well. No traffic/earnings yet but it's only been a few days. (2 clicks tracked so far in...
  10. Dr_Scythe

    Premium Microniche Sites The Best Keywords 24x7 Support By

    Placed an order for a platinum amazon site. I was immediately greeted with a professional and friendly live chat assistant who walked me through what was required and what happens next. Can't wait to see the result!
  11. Dr_Scythe

    Automated LinkPushing Service! Next Generation SEO! Coupons Available!

    Has anyone else had issues with the desktop app version 1.1 crashing on submission? I've spoken with Greg a few months ago and he wasn't able to troubleshoot the issue. Just wondering if anyone else has had the problem and found a fix?
  12. Dr_Scythe

    Need Solution for a Wordpress Membership Site

    s2member or the mpmudev membership plugins should both be able to handle all that :)
  13. Dr_Scythe

    [LOL] Do You Remember The Website?

    Reminds me of providing IT support to customers who had a similar looking bookmarks/history tabs :banghead:
  14. Dr_Scythe

    [Free] 5x $100 AdWords coupons

    My apologies; These are only for AdWords use within Australia. If still interested please feel free to request one.
  15. Dr_Scythe

    [Free] 5x $100 AdWords coupons

    I've got some spare $100 adwords vouchers that I'd like to give away to 5 BHW members in need. These vouchers need be used by the end of July so please only reply if you can use the voucher immediately! Will only work on new google adwords accounts. Will give out to the first 5 people that...
  16. Dr_Scythe

    Best place to get wordpress business themes?

    While Themeforest has the best range on the market they are all from different authors and you have to kind of adjust to each theme especially when doing outside of the box extra customisations which can be both painful and time consuming. While if the project demands it I will shop around on...
  17. Dr_Scythe

    [LIST] What software are your using to run your offline business?

    WHMCS - Customer Management, Billing and Invoicing, Support Tickets Dropbox - File Management Microsoft Office Suite - Synced OneNote notepads, Outlook calendars synced to iphones for reminders, to do lists etc. Excel Spreadsheets for reporting etc Probably the three most important software...
  18. Dr_Scythe

    For GP Letter Method, use this code to QUICKLY create the annoying offer webpages

    This is a great start. How hard would it be to add something that calls say image1.jpg from the folder offers/<?=$item2;?>/image1.jpg This would enable you to have a different image for all prepared proposed clients allowing even greater personalization without too much extra work.
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