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    I am starting to experience the collapse of yin and yang :D

    So this actually raises your consciousness? I mean I know it does because your meditating but it sounds like this takes it a step further... This could be used as a tool for the path of universal consciousness. What made you want to dwelve into this type of meditation pewep?
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    How not to run a YouTube network

    Ste. I fuckin love u dude. It's hard to find something as hilarious /kinda realistic as this. This is some Wolf of Wall Street type shit...
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    let it keep on coming, Power Ball Is Upto 1.3 billion!!!!!!!!!!

    This is so true, especially with the dream part. When I was grinding by myself jobless, and hustling, the motivation was so real, then when I start talking about what I wanted I got further from it. I dislike the complacency and I'm constantly fighting to regain the discipline I once had.
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    Lack of growth. Does creating a new Instagram account have better results?

    Hey guys, long time no see. Every since the instagram engagement drop, I've gone from over 200+ likes per post to barely just 60 within the whole day. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced better results by creating new accounts and starting from there.
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    FB Follow Jacker - Harness The Power Of Facebook Followers (WP Plugin)

    May I please get a discount pm as well. Thank you in advance.
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    (GET) FREE Instagram Bot - Lifetime License

    Aw sucks to see that I'm late to this. However if you do change your mind I'd like to receive a license as well. Good luck working on the bot bro.
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    A Question About Pewep

    I made this thread not so much to question about pewep, but to ask the question... Do you think it's possible to obtain enlightenment and become a master at business as well? Usually you see one or the other, never both. That's why I had to ask. Are there some examples of this?
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    IG new UNFOLLOWING limits / Temp blocks

    Because they're hurting more than spammers and they know this.. It's not just people who spam who follow and unfollow absurd amounts. It's people who are trying to grow a name and a brand for themselves and there are several 1000's of people who do this. If you look at it, it's people like that...
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    Is now the time to switch from Instagram to Twitter?

    More users. Greater statistics in usage. Easier to market to consumers. Instagram has trumped twitter for a while now.
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    IG new UNFOLLOWING limits / Temp blocks

    Wow.... This is pretty interesting. I thought I wa the only one having these issues... I noticed my engagement dropped in less than half, and that I was getting blocked for unfollowing. Anyone else have drops in engagement?
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    music producers

    Lol.... My favorite subject... What's up...
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    Wordpress Help, Dealing with Ecommerce/ Multiple Preview

    THANKS!!!! Never really had any experience with WooCommerce. I appreciate you.
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    Wordpress Help, Dealing with Ecommerce/ Multiple Preview

    I have a quick question... I'm helping a friend with an eCommerce clothing site and they are looking to have multiple preview/ selections of the same shirt or whatever item that it may be (Like how Amazon) and I've never done that before. Does anyone know of a plugin that'll do so? The images of...
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    If it's adult CPA I think twitter has the slight advantage
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    General Follow Liker Guide To Help You Determine Settings Based On Age/Size

    I Effing love you dude. This is pretty nice!!! Especially the comment settings. You reaffirmed what I thought was true.
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    KIK shoutout exchange group (MIN 2.5K - MAX 15k)

    Add me. Kik: eliybeats @ 4.7k
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    Road to doubling my IG followers in 30 days

    Dude I want to thank you. I've been following and taking the tips you gave from this thread during your journey and it is pretty amazing. You persuaded me to push the limits I set and try and feel out followliker more and because of that I am getting much better results. Thanks alot man. I wish...
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