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  1. timelancer

    AlexHost | Offshore DMCA Ignored Hosting Moldova | VPS & Dedicated Servers

    i already contacted support twice so far nothing. that issue caused me domain to be also blacklisted i changed the dns. and contacted spamhaus it was delisted. but the ip needs (isp => alexhost) to contact them.
  2. timelancer

    AlexHost | Offshore DMCA Ignored Hosting Moldova | VPS & Dedicated Servers

    i had a vps for nearly a 2 years i only use it to devolope apps ( laravel projects) in this period i never used mail server . recentrly got a complex project require setup mail server when i was testing found out that the ip was blacklisted ... could you please give me a new clean ip. the vps...
  3. timelancer

    What i want to my life

    Welcome to bhw...
  4. timelancer

    Recommed me a Cheap, Slow, Wordpress Webhosting for a Non Paying Customer

    well you can move it to 0$ hosting that the cheapest . - 000webhost . - freehostia - googiehosting - awardspace. good luck xD
  5. timelancer

    asking about youtube views

    I have contacted many times and seems he does not care at the end i got refund in the hard way.
  6. timelancer

    [Giveaway] aws rdp windows

  7. timelancer

    Z-Lib now requires sign in - why?

    xD is this kind new week end theme . you think fbi had plenty time watching you reading .
  8. timelancer

    My old account is banned?

    contact support at this url :
  9. timelancer

    Newb boob:)

    dang... wanted to see bobo ... anyway welcome bhw.
  10. timelancer


    xD that was a short weekend drama thread.
  11. timelancer


    well the app name "NoWomenNoCry" , its compatible with all devices and os including humans too .
  12. timelancer

    asking about youtube views

    is there any issue with YouTube views or ongoing update ... i used a panel that is BST on BHW added funds 110 $ for 5 videos each nearly 24k now more than 48 hrs and only delivred about 9k views. is this normal ? what do you think... ps : before i choose the service i asked him for a...
  13. timelancer

    How Crypto can change your life

    well just mis typo or something is off, there you go fixed
  14. timelancer

    New here!

    Welcome to BHW.
  15. timelancer

    Happy Birthday @ziko12345 - Hope your day was fantastic.

    because we dont have access to your profile thats why :suspicious:
  16. timelancer

    Happy Birthday @ziko12345 - Hope your day was fantastic.

    Happy birthday @ziko12345
  17. timelancer

    Microsoft nandela is stealing you content.

    beacause they are big comapnies and above the law . you know if anything happens. and also they can crush you
  18. timelancer

    do you get mad when someone "laughs" at your post?

    @Yes we love your jokes thats why we laugh :D
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