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  1. PR-Champ

    Looking for an Old Post

    Hello everyone! Few months ago, I came across this thread that included information on a keyword research tool as well as other useful software tools, including a free email extractor based on keywords. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark the thread and now I am unable to find it. If anyone is...
  2. PR-Champ

    Introduction (web developer)

    Welcome to the community. :))
  3. PR-Champ

    Professional Web Development | Business, E-commerce, Landing Pages & Any Kind of Web Applications

    Can I get some samples. industry preferred- consulting (If you have any)
  4. PR-Champ

    ▶️✅ HQ Aged / Monetized /LiveStreaming YouTube Channels ⭐ 2005-2015 1k- 1 Million+ Views Channels ⭐ YouTube channels for Ranking Livestream and video✅

    Can you tell me how many subscribers [Channels 2006-2007 With 200k to 300k Views : 110$] can be expected?
  5. PR-Champ

    ✅ Mass DM Panel | Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Discord! Increase LEADS & SALES!

    Can someone provide details on conversion? OP; do you have any case study where the buyer got any conversion? If yes, what volume did he purchase and what was the response? Interested in IG Mass DM.
  6. PR-Champ

    Could i face SEO penalty from Google for doing this?

    The best practice is that if the site has an author it should be a name of a person. Imagine if a keyword such as "Earphone Pro" is an author on a site who writes about earphones or stuff. I don't think this will last as the site starts getting exposure, it's just a few moments before Google...
  7. PR-Champ

    Easy Step-by-Step Method to Make Money Online That Made Me Over $12,000

    Read the thread and looking for more info on what exactly is this product. Would appreciate if OP can share more info on what exactly this product is.
  8. PR-Champ

    Fiver Pro Here ! AMA (AskMeAnything) . I made over 450k in the past 3 years.

    I'm already doing all that. I believe that the negative review and one order cancellation was the cause of the decline. However, I have already created new gigs and it seems like the impressions are increasing.
  9. PR-Champ


    Review Time Communication- The communication with the OP was excellent. He understood my needs very quickly and asked if I can share some concepts if I already have in mind. I shared an existing logo as I wanted to modify it. Delivery- The delivery was prompt. The seller offered 4 concepts but...
  10. PR-Champ

    Fiver Pro Here ! AMA (AskMeAnything) . I made over 450k in the past 3 years.

    Not but I felt it. I got 2 seller accounts. The primary was upgraded to Level 1 about a year ago and for a couple of months, everything was in the decline phase. But eventually started getting orders after reaching out to past buyers. When it was about to level up, I had an order canceled and...
  11. PR-Champ

    Fiver Pro Here ! AMA (AskMeAnything) . I made over 450k in the past 3 years.

    Is it common practice that after a seller is upgraded to the next tier, he/she receives fewer impressions and orders? When I reached level 1, my impression and order rate declined drastically and it's been around 5 months since I reached level 2. The current status is that I used to receive...
  12. PR-Champ

    [JV] Looking for a partner for an agency (lead gen)

    Interested! Waiting for your PM.
  13. PR-Champ

    Guest Post Required

    If you can convert it into a formal article/press release, I can get it live on MarketWatch and DigitalJournal. Sending you the PM!
  14. PR-Champ

    Looking for fiverr review trader

    Maybe exchange! Sending you the PM!
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