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  1. Barrage

    Buying facebook URL, how to change owner?

    Say that I'd like to buy a URL name from another facebook user and make that URL possible for me to register. How would I go along doing this? To clarify: I'd like to buy Currently another user owns the /examplecompany URL but I contacted him that I can buy it...
  2. Barrage

    Giving Away $100 Adwords Coupon for New Accounts!

    Barrage has joined the party!
  3. Barrage

    A total noobs journey to get into the IM business

    You guys been waiting for 1 year mark? Sorry to bother you, but I cant let it happen. 2 weeks I got left, and those 2 weeks will be game-changing. To update you about my life, I continued traveling, and got back to study in August this year. As I used an alternative method generating great...
  4. Barrage

    Free cheap item from Amazon

    Giving free item!
  5. Barrage

    Free cheap item from Amazon

    Lol, I am serious. I can offer like a $5 item for free, better than nothing
  6. Barrage

    Free cheap item from Amazon

    Fellows, I got a sad but happy announcment! My Amazon Affiliate account is running out in 5 days because I have made 0 sales in 3 months. Therefore I am here to offer any member here on BHW a free item from Amazon. You must be a US citizen and buy an item through my affiliate link. WIN-WIN...
  7. Barrage

    [GET] Unlimited Google +1 -s! [NEVER ENDS]

    (114470560032154294588:fxVeX1bQq4b) (115350048331528454080:JRmQ2cs8uRn)
  8. Barrage

    Gigabit OpenVPN Servers: 144 Countries, 192 Servers!

    Looking for the trial! Please send me a copy!
  9. Barrage

    [GET] Unlimited Google +1 -s! [NEVER ENDS]

  10. Barrage

    [GET] Unlimited Google +1 -s! [NEVER ENDS]

  11. Barrage

    [GET] Unlimited Google +1 -s! [NEVER ENDS]

    Wrong again wtf lol
  12. Barrage

    [GET] Unlimited Google +1 -s! [NEVER ENDS]

    Darn, wrong format!
  13. Barrage

    To run the first GSA campaign

    Still trying to get some content for running my GSA campaign, any nice rich person here who got a Kontent Machine license?
  14. Barrage

    [TOOL] List Available Domains to Register from a Keyword List

    Downloaded the domain scraper tool and as I start it up it looks like on the pictures in here, however when I enter my keyword(s) and press OK it shows no results. Is it because I am doing something wrong, or is the scraper outdated? Anyone else get this problem? Running Windows 8.1 64 bit
  15. Barrage

    PayPal troubles

    Are you sure that after 180 days I can transfer the money to ANY bank account, even tho it's a fake name?
  16. Barrage

    PayPal troubles

    Hmm fair enough, I'll just try my best photoshoping it, what have I to lose?
  17. Barrage

    PayPal troubles

    Guess I'll just tell them it's a fake name!
  18. Barrage Private Proxies That Work For You - Instant & Guaranteed - Test Now

    Just purchased 10 proxies! Hope I get some great speed! Order number 1CU94609PH008622H Transaction ID 1AL12357XXXX3405W Please add the 2 extra!
  19. Barrage

    [Guide] How To Get Your Suspended Adwords Account Reinstated!

    Thanks for sharing this Youssef!
  20. Barrage

    Paypal Question

    The same happened to me, the problem is I did the PayPal in a fake name. If you did the same, your just as fucked as I am. If its your real name, just upload what they are requesting, it is common they do this to a lot of their users.
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