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  1. skywalker55

    [Hottest] SocialAdNia - Sky Rocket your Income - Plug & Profit $$$$$[GOD DAMN]

    Hey man. Im trying to join but the discount code is only giving 15% rather than the 35% please can you sort it out for me.
  2. skywalker55

    [UK Ecommerce Advice Need] Regarding International shipping of physical goods from the UK

    Thanks man really appreciate your advice. I have just been looking at these people. Expensive. But takes all the fulfillment hassle away and I can just connect to them via their api..
  3. skywalker55

    [UK Ecommerce Advice Need] Regarding International shipping of physical goods from the UK

    Thanks for the link to the aggregator that looks a good way to go initially. Do you know if there is anyway of prepaying the customs taxes so that customer gets a landed price rather than risking them getting an invoice from customers when they recieve their delivery ? Also do you have any...
  4. skywalker55

    [UK Ecommerce Advice Need] Regarding International shipping of physical goods from the UK

    Hey guys I'm just building an Ecommerce site for my partner and she has customers who want to buy her product from mainland europe and the US. I have sorted the site & payment processing so that she can accept payment in GBP, USD and Euro's. However I'm completely in the dark regarding the...
  5. skywalker55

    [please help] sql error #1064

    Cool man. Happy to help.
  6. skywalker55

    [please help] sql error #1064

    yes thats right
  7. skywalker55

    [please help] sql error #1064

    try this... ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ;
  8. skywalker55

    [QUESTION] Pinterest experts - How many accounts can I run Per IP

    Cheers that sounds like a good starting point. I have just put live 200 accounts with 100 private proxies so I will bump it up to 500 tomorrow.
  9. skywalker55

    [QUESTION] Pinterest experts - How many accounts can I run Per IP

    Hey Guys I'm expanding my pinterest activities and wondered how many accounts I can run per IP. Is it similar to twitter and around 10 or are they more or less tolerant. Please comment if you have DIRECT and real experience rather than just some random guess !
  10. skywalker55

    I need something for tumblr...

    Tumblr to Pinterest is not that straight forward as currently there is no Pinterest api. You could code a solution probably by pulling in the rss feed of your tumblr blog and then using curl to login and post to Pinterest. I might be interested in coding this up for you (no charge) as i can...
  11. skywalker55

    [TUMBLR ] Have You Got A Tumblr Blog With A Large Following ?

    Have you got a tumblr blog with a large following (Any niche except porn !) Are you interested in EITHER.. a) Selling the blog OR b) Selling posts on it If your interested shoot me a PM with some more info about your blog. Please include url, follower numbers, blog age, niche and any...
  12. skywalker55

    [GIVEAWAY] 1000 FREE ReTweets For Everyone

    Progress Report: I think I have created everyone's campaigns who PM'd me. If I have missed you out then please PM me again. Stats: Campaigns Created: 55 Live Twitter Accounts: 5,320 tweets Sent In Last Hour: 1,465 Tweets Sent In Last 24 Hours: 37,442 Problems: We had a problem with 2 of the...
  13. skywalker55

    [GIVEAWAY] 1000 FREE ReTweets For Everyone

    44 Campaigns created so far !! I still have about 20 more to set up. Keep the PM's coming... This is a genuine giveaway for anyone who wants it.
  14. skywalker55

    [GIVEAWAY] 1000 FREE ReTweets For Everyone

    The offer is still available. Keep sending me PM's and I will create the campaigns in the order I receive the PM's. Im slightky behind schedule as went offline for an hour or so and it caused havoc on my system. I'm having to make some chnges to the codebase !!! Typical !!
  15. skywalker55

    Difference between tweets and retweets

    discaimer: This is my site ! It does retweeting exactly in the way that you are describing
  16. skywalker55

    [GIVEAWAY] 1000 FREE ReTweets For Everyone

    Great response from everyone. My inbox is filling fast ! I'm working my way through setting up RT campaigns for you. The following are done shivam, tsanko, zharfan, xxkukuxx, anil595, liatta These 2 didnt read the instructions !! stariher, duffers5000 You need to send your text in the...
  17. skywalker55

    [GIVEAWAY] 1000 FREE ReTweets For Everyone

    A big thanks for all the help & advice I have received on BHW over the last 3 years. As a small token of my appreciation I'm offering each member the following: 1000 Free ReTweets each sent from a unique twitter account drip feed out over 5 days @ 200 per day. WHY ARE RETWEETS IMPORTANT...
  18. skywalker55

    Need Twitter Seller --- can you recommend one ?

    I can do this for you no problem. Pm sent
  19. skywalker55

    [MUST READ] 8 Page Report by Facebook Spam Team Into how They detect Fake accounts

    If your doing any kind of facebook spam then this report is a must read into how their team is trying to catch you. Its written by a member of their team. Use this against them !! Knowledge is power. Enjoy... If you find it useful please show by clicking the thanks button...
  20. skywalker55

    Yahoo hacked; change your password ASAP

    I think it involves more accounts than that. My yahoo account was hacked yesterday and started sending spam emails to everyone of my contacts. I have now changed the password. But everyone should be careful. I dont use the yahoo voice.
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