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    What is the best method you know to earn money online

    I aim to do a big post soon on this but essentially it’s this Pick a niche that has ravenous fan base with a history of spending money. Entertainment is great for this so movie fans music fans or sport fans To start with niche down. So rather than a NFL quiz a Patriots quiz or a Man Utd quiz...
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    What is the best method you know to earn money online

    I normally see some kind of revenue within a month. I have been doing this for a while and have developed additional ways to make money away from the normal ad model.
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    What is the best method you know to earn money online

    I am biased but in my experience quiz websites are a great way to start. Start up costs are low (hosting, domain name) There are free plug-ins to do the quiz With a little bit of basic Wordpress knowledge you can knock together a site quickly. If you use social media you can get traffic...
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    What are your intentions for 2024?

    I aim to release my quiz machine course for free. Probably put in on her as a massive post. See if I can help people out.
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    If you had 3,000 Quora and Reddit Accounts. How would you make money with them?

    Absolutely no idea. I would image proxies would be the way to go but haven’t done it myself.
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    Do you think with the current AI revolution programmers will be obsolete in the next 3 years?

    I think it’s like a few things AI will make the good programmers better and possibly quicker but it won’t replace them. I believe the same with music and film those that know the art will see AI as an extra tool and their creativity and knowledge will help them make better art . At the bottom...
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    Zero Spend KDP Journey using AI with a twist

    Glad to hear it. Good to inspire. The book has done well in the run up from black Friday to Christmas. Not quite hitting the 1000 a month yet but for next to no work I won’t complain. There’s a library of pd material I have half an eye on with books that’s are 400-500 years old I may start a...
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    Content Marketing Tip That Always Brings In Loyal Customers

    There’s a few important steps missing in your hero’s journey. Firstly It’s what Campbell calls the refusal of the call. The hero presented with this knee challenge turns down the chance for adventure . Secondly there’s the big failure or death before the final victory and return to the real...
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    If you had 3,000 Quora and Reddit Accounts. How would you make money with them?

    Create a sub Reddit in a lucrative niche post and promote affiliate offers in the sun Reddit. Create engagement with the other accounts. Index the page. Keep the engagement going. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
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    Need some peculiar help

    Is it a variety of pay it forward
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    Building businesses around passion vs just wanting to make money

    Unlike what has been said in this thread so far, I start a business with the express intent of making money. That may be a monthly sales target or an exit plan. Either way before I start I am number crunching. I am looking at who else is making money how they are making money, how much...
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    Where to get stuff to sell on eBay

    Download the eBay app and go around thrift shops and car boot sales. Take a photo of the items with the eBay app see how many are being sold and at what price previous ones were sold for. Decide if it’s worth doing buy the item and list on eBay.
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    using plural in domain name

    I tend to buy both and then redirect one to the other.
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    Quiz Website still works in 2024?

    Organic is difficult you really need to target keywords that include phrases like quiz, trivia etc. Then it’s breaking it down into smaller terms like Liverpool fc quiz 2022-2023 Liverpool fc quiz 2021-2022 etc. Make sure you interlink your quizzes so that people try and do more than one quiz...
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    What’s a common myth about AI that you wish more people knew the truth about?

    AI detectors work. They may one day but are largely unreliable at the moment
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    Quiz Website still works in 2024?

    1. 5 years 2. I use the WPquiz plugin from Mythemeshop. I have the pro version. Tried a few others out but kept coming back to this one. There is a forum member who has made their own plug in which looks interesting but I haven’t tried. For promoting I use Excel+Canva for shorts. Keyword...
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    Quiz Website still works in 2024?

    I have both a mega quiz site and dozens of niche quiz sites. Happy to answer questions on here.
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    Quiz Website still works in 2024?

    Yes they are but it’s a long game and you should look to diversify your income streams. AI really helps with promotion and putting together quiz ideas. Not sure I would trust if for questions fully
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