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    diffrent ways to. ban own reddit acct

    whole - they are employees of reddit
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    diffrent ways to. ban own reddit acct

    I manage those subreddits and comment using different accounts that include links. If those comments are removed by Reddit admins and I approve them using my moderator account, the subreddit gets banned the following day.
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    diffrent ways to. ban own reddit acct

    When I approve a comment with links that was removed by a Reddit admin, my subreddit gets banned next day. This has happened to three of my subreddits.
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    Can it be the reason why Reddit blocks my accounts?

    I have not yet figured out how to automate without getting banned. Maybe you can try with Selenium/Puppeteer, or if you want to use requests, use instead of, which PRAW uses.
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    Can it be the reason why Reddit blocks my accounts?

    Content is not the problem. I have seen subreddits with hundreds of posts and comments made by ChatGPT that are not banned, unless your account is new and downvoted by Redditors. How are you posting the content, through the API? When I use PRAW, at most I can make 6 comments before getting banned.
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    Reddit Account Issue when I create a new Account

    Rotating residential proxies change every few minutes. So, if I create an account with an IP address in Austin, and then 10 minutes later post a comment with an IP address in New York, won't Reddit detect this and ban the account?
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    Competitively Priced Proxies for ALL Uses (UNLIMITED Bandwidth)

    Can I get free trial for US dedicated proxy?
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    Reddit mass removing comment links today?

    I've noticed that my comments (with links), are removed on larger subreddits. Interestingly, on my own subreddit with fewer than 200 members, my comments remain largely unaffected. Could this update be specifically targeting larger subreddits?
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