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  1. Master0fPuppets

    Big Daddy Gates Wants To Know All About You!

    I mean...cmmon! if we want privacy for real we need to unplug PC/Smartphones/TV ...probably even the electricity. Pack it up and move somewhere in mountains, eating all day forest fruits.
  2. Master0fPuppets

    What's Your Moral Alignment?

    see ya'll in heaven boys and girls!
  3. Master0fPuppets

    How on earth is this even possible?

    Neil Patel with hair
  4. Master0fPuppets

    How on earth is this even possible?

    paid ones for sure. that site is a joke. they did SEO for whatsapp and even youtube and chatgpt
  5. Master0fPuppets

    How on earth is this even possible?

    so you checked the DR, but you have not checked those backlinks? 90% of them are very strong backlinks....
  6. Master0fPuppets

    Onlyfans leaks porn tube/site banned by Google

    You added your site on GSC to see exactly what kind of penalty is? if your site returns 0 results on operator site: means it have been hit by manual action, probably marked as spam absolute. If that is the case then you can't do much to solve it. OF leaks niche it is a time consuming and mental...
  7. Master0fPuppets

    Has there been any recent Google update against blogs made on aged domain ?

    They tried something, but if you look on SERPS they did nothing against it. There’s still huge amounts of spamdexing with aged/expired domains which changed the niche.
  8. Master0fPuppets

    Without a Domain Name - Rank Number One on Google

    This topic if from 2013....
  9. Master0fPuppets

    Can you teach me how to do SEO like this?

    Some of you (most of you) don’t know where schema review is located in search results and still give advice. On topic: you can do this in two ways, with breadcrumbs schema which is to say the complicated part, but easy if you do it with wordpress. But if you just want to churn and burn with...
  10. Master0fPuppets

    Only ONE competitor within a niche - what would you do beat them? (I'm new to SEO)

    easy, 3 steps: 1. Make your site load way faster than his site. 2. Make better content than his content. 3. Get better backlinks than him. If those 3 steps don't work, you can try to push some high relevant traffic too, users which come on site trough chrome browser. Use Google analytics if you...
  11. Master0fPuppets

    Hey guys, SUSAN is coming!!

    Bots or scammer! @BassTrackerBoats
  12. Master0fPuppets

    [Journey] Massive niches with massive AI posts

    consistency is the key in life! congrats and keep going!
  13. Master0fPuppets

    Parasite SEO - Google Groups : How to publish in bulk ?

    google news have nothing to do with google groups... he is asking for some bot with which he can post in mass on google groups, aka he wants to spam there.
  14. Master0fPuppets

    Any massive database dumps of porn videos of the source mp4 files?

    all big sites offers database export. for example:
  15. Master0fPuppets

    Expired Indian domain with more than 70 million hits in a short time

    aged domain, already trusted by G, mass content = cash! how long will survive do not matter, they already in profit! and no such good idea to call the site out on this forum.
  16. Master0fPuppets

    Cheapest host provider for adult domain?

    thats very easy, and you can even do it directly trough the domain provider. and ofc with cloudflare too, on cloudflare you have 3 page rules for free. you already have the domain?
  17. Master0fPuppets

    Cheapest host provider for adult domain?

    Actually you need to set those NS to domain provider, not to hosting
  18. Master0fPuppets

    Cheapest host provider for adult domain?

    You can cloak basic trough cloudflare so you don’t really need hosting. But if you wanna do some advanced cloaking then go for some cheap shared hosting, check oneprovider.
  19. Master0fPuppets

    How to recover from the Google March update

    I think you need to re-check your screenshots, cause something do not add up, and readers may not understand your point.
  20. Master0fPuppets

    From 0 to 650k traffic in a matter of days

    people still think ranking works only with "hq" backlinks. some of you guys have no idea about how much spam exists and how much traffic gets out from google, and how google can't stop it. you must love those guys who backdoors google in style. kudos!
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