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    The Lonely Road Of A Successful IMer

    Tyrese Gibson said that when he was feeling this way Will Smith told him "it isn't lonely at the top, if you help somebody else get there".. I'm a noob just starting to try and figure out how I can free myself from my job that I hate. If i had as much time and resources on my hands as you make...
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    "The Last of Us" game kinda fucked with me and I can't reconcile with it

    what about the new zombie parkour game dying light? looks badass! i hear its like a mix of farcry and dead rising. only have gotten to play the last of us a tiny bit, didnt get to own it before unfortunately converting to xbox because of friends :(
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    I love you all!

    Hey pewep! Your thread on article flipping actually got me to sign up to be a member on this site! So far Im still too noob to figure even that out though lol. I like that all of your posts seem to be very kind and open minded, you seem to be a very enlightened individual :) so i love you too...
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    Is What We Want Worth The Things We Do To Get Them?

    hey pewep, ive been reading around on the site for a little while now and came across your thread on article flipping which finally lead my to getting a membership on this website. i am also here looking to free myself from the job i hate, but waste most of my time on. I was wondering if i could...
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    Thanks Black Hat World!

    Thanks for having me as a new member! I have been learning quite a lot from this site and am eager to find a way to free myself from my current job. I spend almost an hour a day commuting. I work in the back of an auto shop with no windows, i barely get to see the sun anymore. I work hard...
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    Looking for a very hippie town to move to

    I hear plenty of those wonderful things about portland, considering moving there myself for those reasons!:)
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