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    Purely White Hat Q. Software Recommendations

    Thanks for this @BHKing777 I'll look into it. Seems promising.
  2. J

    Purely White Hat Q. Software Recommendations

    Wanted a little more control over where the budget went.
  3. J

    Purely White Hat Q. Software Recommendations

    Interesting Interesting... not sure how that would work. Didn't know they could integrate with the adwords platform.
  4. J

    Purely White Hat Q. Software Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a competent automatic way to monitor and adjust adwords campaigns. Does such a unicorn even exist? In a YMYL niche so no ad creation required. Just bids.
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    ⏩PREMIUM CONTENT FOR $1/100 WORDS⏪ ⚡Here''s What You've Been Looking For: Money-Site Content in 48 Hours or LESS⚡SurferSEO Optional Add-On!

    Just reporting that I used this service for 18k words of content. I must say that I'm really impressed with the quality of the writing at this or any price point. I've paid far more for worse writers. One minor issue with a typo for a keyword was quickly resolved with a free new piece of...
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    Redirecting Aged Site Advice sided?
  7. J

    Redirecting Aged Site Advice

    Thanks for the reply. That's exactly what I've done with it at present. I've recreated the most linked to pages. The site has around 3k links. Moz says DA48 but Semrush is a lot lower in its valuation. The reason for redirecting is that I'm having to deal with a lot (I mean a lot) of bot...
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    Redirecting Aged Site Advice

    I'm hoping someone can show me the way forward on this. I bought an aged domain just under a year ago. It's getting a lot of bot traffic, which initially stopped me getting it into Ezoic. That's been fixed but it's not performing very well. I think it's because I've had to turn off a lot of...
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    ✅[PAA] Selling my scraper/software + know-how (currently at $20k+/month) [confirmed by mods]

    So this software has been available since July. Can any of the purchasers confirm they have started making money with the sites generated?
  10. J - Lazy? Bad writer? Hire us to do the heavy lifting! Fast turnaround!

    Can I get a sample please and current pricing
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    Jasper with surfer? or

    I have the lifetime deal of WordHero, with the long prose editor, and to be honest I'm looking at Jasper as I don't rate WordHero. As an aside I just found this on UpWork - You will get Surfer SEO Optimized Jasper Written Articles $25 for 1000 words. They're having a giraffe.
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    Can I ask a favor please?

    There's more than enough forums out there to express an opinion on this. Sounds good to keep this place politics free.
  13. J

    Google not displaying correct Title and Meta Description

    Yes resubmit URl through webmaster tools. Also be aware that Google have taken it upon themselves to rewrite titles of some posts as they see fit.
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    SERVIKUS Pure SSD Hosting Unlimited domains and bandwidth Only $0.8

    Serious question - does ssd really matter in a web hosting environment?
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    Awesome Niche??

    Awesome. Kudos to you.
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