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  1. jennionline

    Using Spun Content On Money Site?

    I agree with everybody here in the thread. It's not a good idea to use spun content on your money site, you'll end up wasting your time. Just write original content. Find some inspiration from multiple articles and try to make one solid content from them.
  2. jennionline

    How to increase website's Traffic

    Link building is not an easy process. My suggestion is start with building organic links. Find websites where you can post your backlink. It could be another blog in the same niche, it could also be from high quality forums. In my case I started guest posting.
  3. jennionline

    How important is Bounce rate in 2018?

    Definitely! You really need to get your bounce rate down specially when you have multiple pages on your website. So try not to neglect this factor as it can affect your Google rankings.
  4. jennionline

    Should I make a general Authority Site or Site More Niche Focused

    I prefer a much more focused niche rather than a general site. It's easier to work on. However, try not to limit yourself. You can slowly expand later on once your site gets some traction. I suggest choose a more neutral domain or site name, just to give you some flexibility in the future.
  5. jennionline

    Niche Focus Site or Review Site

    If it were me, I'd go for general electronics. I just think that when it comes to content writing, you get more freedom in this niche. On top of that, it would be easier for you to publish more contents and expand your website once it starts to take off.
  6. jennionline

    How do you know what to blog/vlog about?

    I suggest find somebody who you're comfortable talking to. It could be your boyfriend, parents or best friend. Be keen on the topics you talk about for hours, and maybe you can talk about that on your vlogs as well. The fact that you would like to start opinion-based vlogs can already be your...
  7. jennionline

    How can i rank this KW fast ?

    I agree with patriotnews' suggestions. If you really want to rank up, you have to be prepared for the extra work and the extra waiting time. The methods he suggested aren't exactly the fastest but they work. You can also add some diversity to your backlinks by doing some guest posts. Also...
  8. jennionline

    Using no-follow links

    Do-follow links to auth sites are ok. But if you're still unsure if the site you are linking to is trusted or not, it's better to use nofollow. When in doubt, always use nofollow.
  9. jennionline

    The Two Anchor Text Types You Need To Use

    I love how you expressed your thoughts by the way. I completely agree with you! Thank you for this!
  10. jennionline

    Best way to increase Domain Authority?

    Well, your DA is based from the kind of backlinks you get, so that is the only thing you can do - get linked. If your backlink profile contains many good quality links, then that's the time your DA increases. There are no other ways to do it.
  11. jennionline

    Are Backlinks From Article Websites Relevant?

    You can still use them to add some diversity to your backlink portfolio, but there are more powerful and more relevant backlinking techniques today.
  12. jennionline

    How the heck does this rank?

    It seems this is low traffic low difficulty keyword so few people will compete for this term. The domain itself has half the keyword in it, and Belfast is in the homepage text, great combination for ranking.
  13. jennionline

    Here's How I Fucked Up My $500/m Amazon Affiliate Site.

    How's your site after disavowing the links? At least you now know what went wrong and you can avoid this in the future. Borris is also right, you should learn SEO extensively even if you can afford to buy third party services.
  14. jennionline

    Working.......Quick SEO

    Youtube does not act as a PBN because it is a social media site. Though YT does not directly affect your rankings, if done right, it can definitely boost your site up. You can't really say YT acts like a PBN because they're entirely different from social signals.
  15. jennionline

    $500 budget - what to do?

    In my opinion, the easiest would be to buy a domain name and a hosting package. Start a blog, beautify it and monetize it. For this goal, $500 is more than enough. You can probably use the remaining budget to pay for quality services to help boost your blog's rankings on Google.
  16. jennionline

    What format should I send the guest post?

    The standard is always in a word file. However, I have encountered some sites where they wanted me to send it using a notepad. What I did is I included the html codes. They usually copy and paste everything, so might as well submit it in a word file. If they made a mistake, you can always...
  17. jennionline

    Question about backlinks

    Usually, the links in reddit are nofollow. But if you want to quickly determine if the links you are looking at are nofollow or not, you can download a Google extension and enable it. It automatically highlights nofollow links.
  18. jennionline

    Where to get verified reviews?

    There are some people in this forum who are actually willing to do some reviews for you. You can also check the BHW marketplace. There are many services being offered there. I'm sure you'll find one that suits your budget and needs.
  19. jennionline

    where do bloggers hang out?

    This depends on what kind of bloggers you are looking for, but most of the time, they communicate in forums like this. You can find and contact most of them in Facebook and other social media platforms. Some of them also post their LinkedIn accounts.
  20. jennionline

    Blog Comments

    Blog comments used to be a very effective backlinking technique. But it's not the same anymore. It's still good to use them once in a while and comment on relevant niches to diversify your backlink profile. Other than that, you need to use them with caution and never overdo them.
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