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  1. sdeviation

    How to start with Python

    I have been developing python for 2 years, I will write a roadmap for you guys but now I can easily say that the best place is the python documents itself for beginners.
  2. sdeviation

    100 scrapebox proxies

    are they up to date?
  3. sdeviation

    BTC or LTC

    Btc value is decreasing steadily, so other coins maybe get valued better in next season.
  4. sdeviation

    Need a bot/software to post on this sites

    Actually I can recommend publicly to you python package if you are able to code you can build your own automation using selenium. It is free to use and documents available if you made a good search on google. Good luck.
  5. sdeviation


    welcome here, i am alsp trying to earn online money. this forum looking perfect for this aim.
  6. sdeviation

    Understanding the Latest Crypto Market Crash

    I am following
  7. sdeviation

    What to do if my competitors are using BlackHat SEO

    I dont think it is a problem
  8. sdeviation

    100$/day CPA Journey

    good luck
  9. sdeviation

    My Uber driver was a BHW Member

    good story hansel :)
  10. sdeviation

    [PRO TIP] How to follow 500 accounts per day

    nice tip :)
  11. sdeviation

    I'm just a poor student and want to earn a little money online..

    welcome buddy, read some newby guide :)
  12. sdeviation

    My mom passed away :(

    my condolences bro, rest in peace.
  13. sdeviation

    Good Instagram Bots Other Than Jarvee?

    I am currently developing a python script for browser automatization for instagram, try to make your own app. I can suggest some library if you interest.
  14. sdeviation

    [FREE GIVEAWAY] accounts!

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