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    Autoblogs for long term income.

    Who says setting up autoblogs is easy? P.S: wtf is your problem triple posting?
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    Duplicate Content and Indexing (Myth)

    Yes you can, I dont see why now. Ranking high in google has nougt to do with Dupe Content, but more with SEO. Lead a good SEO campaign and you can rank high for anything. Google doesnt analyse content or keywords for rank, it analyses the amount of backlinks and the quality of backlinks.
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    Duplicate Content and Indexing (Myth)

    What do you mean premium? You mean long tailed keywords? On the contary, you it is the EASIEST way to get ranked high. If you try ranking high for keyword like "hair" you are NEVER going to achieve it. Try ranking high for "hair style", and you find it 100 times easier.
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    Duplicate Content and Indexing (Myth)

    I want to outline the fact that duplicate content, is a myth. A week ago, I had set up around 10 blogs and 1 CMS on a single web hosting acount (non seo). ALl blogs had duplicate content from articles base. I focused on promoting 1 blog, doing seo for that blog only as I was v busy selling...
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    CC made 1000 Scheduled posts in WP, how to delete them?

    No, its how CC works, it schedules the posts. I dont know if you should trust CC tbh.
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    Just did first Blogger Autoblog

    blogger is better than wordpress free. Blogger is optimised for google, your pages WILL be indexed in blogger if you do SEO and theres little/no chance of googleban/sandbox.
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    1 blog 1 day 200 messages 560 real visits no downloads ????

    Man you dont make any sesne< I am trying to decode what you are saying: you madea new blog, for bingo rooms online and you havent gotten any downloads? Or are you saying you had 200 visits and no downloads? Or are you saying that u got no visits on ur blog but you got downloads on ur...
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    Wordpress Indexing - 'Page' vs 'Post'

    You can generate a sitemap of your entire website, this will include categories, pages etc. Then ping your sitemap using google sitemap tool and it will basicly get google to crawl through the entire sitemap, marking all the URL's.
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    The Dreaded Google Sandbox - G penalties walkthrough

    What if you get deindexed, is that a sign of sandbox, or a sign of google ban? Or is it just a temporary fluke that my website got deindexed after 2 days. Furthremore, could this be because I am hosting 9 blogs and 1 CSM on the same domain/host? I host a csm on the toplevel domain and 9 blogs...
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    Buying domains to increase pagerank and backlinks?

    I dont think so, because the two websites are hosted on different IP's and google can see that.
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    The Dreaded Google Sandbox - G penalties walkthrough

    How do you know if you got sandboxed? I think one of my blogs got that. It was indexed for 2 days, then got deindexed, probably because I submitted so many blogdirectories and rss feeds.
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    *Howto* Own Google's 1st Page w/ Your Blog!!!! Simple Stuff !!!

    Its not for getting traffic. This is for getting backlinks and ranking high on SE.
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    My Online SEO Case Study

    blogspot is affiliated with google, no shit its gonna be better at SEO.
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    Advice needed - wp auto video blog

    Caffeinated Content pulls videos, articles, yahoo answers and it works. WPyoutube pulls in youtube videos. In dont know of any other plug ins that pull in anything apart from yuotube.
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    I want to start Autoblogging to make money out of my Google Ads and I don't know how to

    I am just pissed off that people are too lazy to make money. I have just shown ppl how to make a potential 550k$ a month income from a 1.01$ investment. Heck,l even if you make 5% (if you have 5%CTR ratio), you would still make 2.5k$ a month from this. People who earn a lot of money know...
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    I want to start Autoblogging to make money out of my Google Ads and I don't know how to

    Hello, yes if you read carefully popular threads, you will easily see all the methods. I dont understand why everyone is so lazy to do a simple search. Anyway, you will NEVER make any money unless you do things yourself and take initiative. If you simply follow people aroind you are gonna get...
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    My AutoBlog experiance

    What are you talking aobut? It only takes 5 minutes to set up an autblog: set up the directory on ur desktop< with all the plugins and themes in it. Now all u need to do *start timing": Install WP via CP/Upload (1 minute), upload the directory (1 minute), whilst uploading, start setting up ur...
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    How am I doing?

    I got a adobe acrobat raeder pop up and then explorer crashed. Anyway, heres my tip for you, yo can still earna descent income. Look up ALL the SEO methods on this website: popular threads are how to get indexed faster etc. You will learn to: Submit to RSS Submit to Web 2.0 Submit to...
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    May PR1 blog got a $60/year offer for 2 txt link ads

    140$ is nothing, he is probably raking in the profits in CPA/Adsense offers from the traffic/rank you are giving him.
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    My AutoBlog experiance

    Dude you are full of shit. Look at your join date and look at mine. I started autoblogging 2 weeks ago: from scratch. I went over all the tutorials on this forum, all the tips and tricks. Made a plan and executed it. You on the other hand, just want short cuts, you want ppl to point you to the...
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