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  1. Kazi_Haque

    Got Local Clients? Hyper-Local Citations Custom Built For Your Niche and City

    Hi, I would like to chat on Skype regarding Australian citations. Feel free to add me to if you think you can help. Thanks
  2. Kazi_Haque

    Anyway to Find out "Where a site is being advertised?"
  3. Kazi_Haque

    [Guaranteed Ranking] Premium Do-Follow High PR Blog Commenting (LOW OBL) Starting at $3

    Interested on Crazy package BUT before placing order i would like to see sample report. PM some sample please
  4. Kazi_Haque

    Awesome Designer! Logos, Mobile App, WordPress, CMS Websites, Magento, FB Page & More

    Added you on Skype. need to discuss on few projects before placing orders.
  5. Kazi_Haque

    LINKJOOS V3.0 - Highest Quality Manual Links, Built The Right Way - First Time in BHW!

    Placed order. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 3L258655PW257561L. Thanks
  6. Kazi_Haque

    What is the best professional directory submitter?

    +1 for GSA Website Submitter. the best
  7. Kazi_Haque

    [UNIVERSAL SEO] The Diversifiers! # Post-Penguin SEO Service Only $39!!

    Your order page says $49 BUT your signature mentioned $39? Can i get bulk discounts if order 3 projects?
  8. Kazi_Haque

    Any heavy magento user here? How secure is magento?

    How you guys removed index.php URLs from Magento backend and frontend? I tried robots.txt file but it didn't help. Any suggestion?
  9. Kazi_Haque

    Just bought Magic Submitter...

    It's always best to make your own template rather than pre-made template.
  10. Kazi_Haque

    Free 3 Week Magic Campaign Download

    I think he got excited that MS worked for him. now he is proudly promoting it. And the truth is MS works really well if use properly :)
  11. Kazi_Haque

    Adwords Domination

    Hey Guys, Anyone bought this product? Adwords Domination - The Google Adwords Advertising Loophole I am not affiliate with this product by any means. just found this product and was wondering what he is claiming actually truth or not.
  12. Kazi_Haque

    How to rank #1 in 2013 in TWO easy steps!

    SAPE links are working great. may be it will be devalued soon. The problem is as long as you have SAPE links active, you gonna see ranking going up BUT once you removed links, rankings goes down like crazy.
  13. Kazi_Haque

    Google index wordpress media files - how to avoid ?

    Use Robots.txt file. Disallow: /wp-content/uploads/ By the way, it doesn't effect for rankings.
  14. Kazi_Haque

    Would a magento 1.6x theme be compatible with 1.7x?

    I am wondering why this thread on Black Hat SEO Tools category?
  15. Kazi_Haque

    Schema.Org Question

    You are doing something wrong. Micro Data (html 5) shouldn't display visually. Use this site to generate Micro Data: Good Luck!
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