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    [Giveaway] Hitleap Minutes

    Count me in, thanks. :)
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    [GIVEAWAY] $100 Loaded Bing Ads Account

    Count me in, thanks. :)
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    [GIVEAWAY] $100 Adword Codes

    Count me in! Thanks.
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    (GIVEAWAY) PVA YouTube/Gmail Accounts [Happy New Year]

    I'm in! Thx for the giveaway.
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    u have to be a stupid in peoples' eyes

    "If your broke friends are laughing at you, you're doing it right." (c) ?
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    Has anyone tried sex transmutation successfully?

    Luckily, this was one of the first things I read when I got this book, so I didn't waste too much of my time on it. From what I gathered, the core ideas are (in no particular order, it's hard to tell which one is more absurd): 1. Sex is the most powerful human desire 2. Your brain works best...
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    where are the poisened pills?

    My solution: Weigh 2 pills from the first pot with 1 from the second pot. If: a) sum = 30 => poisoned pills are in the pot 3 b) sum = 29 => poisoned pills are in the pot 2 c) sum = 28 => poisoned pills are in the pot 1
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    Couldn't resist to post this.

    "Google Page Rank sector" (whatisthisidonteven...), detailed instructions on purchasing a domain for this "Google PR sector" biz, etc. :D I like a good troll, but this was more of a facepalm than something that would have me rofl-ing. Kinda like "what is seo" or "is blackhat illegal" questions.
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    Anyone here good with Photoshop...

    Thought this might be better use of his time... (click for bigger version)
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    Neg Repping Just because shouldent Be allowed!

    Ste Hughes? lol One time I got -40 rep for agreeing with the 'wrong' person in an argument. All I did was press thanks button, and the guy went nuts and went looking for my years-old posts to neg-rep. Some really deranged people among us. The problem here is that people just don't get...
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    [FREE] 500 Instagram Account Giveaway

    I'd like some too, thanks. :)
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    [GET] Free .NU Domain Name

    Thanks Adi for sharing, and thanks GLT for saying the offer is about to expire, almost went to sleep without taking one. :) Btw, for name/phone/address stuff in the registration, if you don't want to use your real data, you can use If you need ideas for a domain name, try...
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    We need to chill out a bit

    I agree, it's really sad to see new members get treated this way. But I think it could be easily solved with a bit of moderation. Posts like "Tits or GTFO" have absolutely no place on an internet marketing forum, as well as people who post them, regardless of the context. Asking a female...
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    Ride safe guys, don't be a statistic

    Few more, from my experience of watching people try to kill themselves: 11. Wait till you're more mature and experienced before buying a bike that goes 0-60 in 3 seconds. A friend of mine got Yamaha R1 when he was 15, it was pretty much his first bike. Needless to say, he learned the names of...
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    Best market place to sell your services ?

    Few ideas: - find blogs that your typical prospect is interested in, and see if you can barter your service for advertising space - ^ same for mailing lists - where are you located? Any local companies you could help with your service? - could you tap into your existing social/business network...
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    Am I the only one?

    No, you're not the only one; everyone has ideas, and everyone thinks their ideas are brilliant. What matters is being able to view these ideas from a variety of angles, critically and honestly assess them, separate wheat from the chaff, figure out which ideas might have potential... and then...
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    Got a new Laptop - Thank you BHW

    Congratz on the purchase, OP. That thing seems more powerful than my old desktop PC (upgrade time!). Fcuk. Sometimes, after a long session of work ? or more often, in the middle of it ? Windows decides to reward me with a BSOD. Made me literally throw my PC case against the desk few times...
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    Firefox is getting worser than Internet Explorer

    Latest Firefox with 85 installed addons (and yes, I need each one of them), about two dozen user scripts, all on a decade old PC with 32-bit win7 (installed when it came out)... and everything works perfectly. Unless I open 1050+ tabs (upper limit when it becomes unresponsive on my setup), but I...
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    Staying highly organized is an art form

    Few tips from my experience with this organization/productivity problem: - try some formalized productivity methodologies, eg. GTD (getting things done), ZTD (zen to done), Priacta TRO. Most of them will address the problem of information-data organization and will at least provide you with some...
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