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    AdWords PPC & Landing Page help!

    If you're selling the product directly and have a product page and an ad group closely related to the product, then definitely send that traffic directly to the product page. You want to ensure that your keywords and landing page are closely related to maximize relevance and Quality Score. If...
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    Added AdSense Got Deindexed (Correlation?)....Holy Shit This Sucks

    Dude, just chill for a second here. Check your robots, make sure the crawlers can still index your pages. If this is confirmed, continue to look at other technical elements that may be hanging up indexing. Also make sure someone else didn't rip your content and are now being indexed for it...
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    Can someone look at my SEO Outline? Any advice...

    Honestly, given the amount of time and effort needed to create unique content on your outer layers for backlinking, you could spend slightly more time (and/or money) creating that content for your money site. It's important to not only look at keywords with higher volume and lower competition...
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    New Here - Would this strategy work?

    If it's a direct affiliate link then it will potentially be flagged quicker, for sure. Domains and vanity URLs to a landing/squeeze page would potentially provide the most value here. Just don't flash the URL in the middle of the vid when guys are in full swing. ;) I haven't tried this in the...
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    New Here - Would this strategy work?

    If you're promoting a men's health product then this could be great for you. For anything else you'll get a lot of eyes but not much action. It really depends on the product.
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    Have A Meeting With A Firm That Does 1 Million a Year. Need Proposal and Presentation Help

    Great advice here! If you're presenting this directly, think about top level figures. Really what they want to know is what value can you bring to the table and how that affects their bottom line. A few things to think about: Search/SEO Opportunity - How much extra traffic are you expected...
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    Ranking Authority Site from Content Alone?

    Well if you're looking to make money then you need to identify your ROI, obviously depends on your business model. If you can make $2000/month from 200 articles then that's money in the bank.
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    Ranking Authority Site from Content Alone?

    Well just because you're not doing any aggressive manual/automated backlinking doesn't mean you can't have a backlinking strategy. Think social sharing potential and content marketing as a whole. I've ranked a number of sites through this method for competitive keywords, though the content...
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    "This site may harm your computer" <--- how to remove?

    You need to go through WMT because it requires a manual review to remove. This is usually completed within a 24-48 hour period. I'd do it ASAP to maintain ranking and lower risk of slipping down the page(s). I've had unattended domains slip down 30 pages as a result of not removing it...
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    Really weird exact search volume ?

    Yeah, trust Google, you don't have much choice. Take a look at monthly trends, you can do so via the keyword tool and Insights. Also look at previous years. A big company can push crazy volume if they're doing broadcast or something else that will lead people to search a related keyword.
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    How the hell is this possible?

    Maybe he's 301ing from another domain to the new one. I've done it with great success.
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    What do you think of my SEO strategy?

    Hopefully you have some good content and can incorporate social linking, as well. There are people who offer social promotional services: likes, +1's, etc. I run this method 50/50 with traditional SEO, though naturally via my social networking accounts. SEO is becoming more about the strategy...
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    Keyword question :)

    One thing to remember when targeting a specific keyword is to have content related to that keyword. Of course you can target 2-3 keywords per page if they're closely related. Add optimized images, video.
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    Automated LinkPushing Service! Next Generation SEO! Coupons Available!

    I just had an urgent request come in through a client and needed a few pushes setup and active immediately, which was completed swiftly. Again, major points for customer service here, and I know the turnaround time will flow smoothly compared to some other services out there. Thanks again!
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    How do I push blog posts to social networking sites automatically?

    With social you can push using RSS feeds. There are a variety of sites out there. You should look into something like, it can come in handy! Hope this helps!
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    Official Google Invite Thread

    North American invites are disabled at the moment, but they may be available elsewhere in the world. When they're reactivated I will reach out to those that PM'ed me as well as those who posted.
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    Google Trends Dillema.

    Should be good to go! Can't imagine too much direct competition for a fairly low volume keyword. Good luck!
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    Google is totally weird or it's just me?!?

    Are you using browsers to measure rank (general search queries) or a ranking tool?
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    Google Trends Dillema.

    I guess it depends on the purpose of the site. With that amount of traffic it's good for products/affiliate programs, not so good for advertising.
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