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  1. woodraz

    Domains with High DA/DR and Quality Backlink profile!

    Send me the list please. Thanks
  2. woodraz

    Authority Amazon Affliate DFY Service : Up to 100K words - Make Passive Income

    Would like to see some Monster Site Deals samples. Thanks
  3. woodraz

    Migration from Ukraine with my family. Need some insights

    As someone who experienced war personally, I wish you and your family to be safe. Canada has large Ukrainian community in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta. Cost of living varies between provinces significantly, you can use sites like numbeo to compare cost of living. Generally, Canada is open to...
  4. woodraz

    [Done For You] Amazon Affiliate Websites | Earn Passive Income Upto $500 - $5000 Per month |

    Samples please. Good luck with everything.
  5. woodraz

    SEO/PBN Domains. Great Quality & Reputation. Huge Variety

    Send me a list please. Thank you
  6. woodraz

    Best Crypto wallet sites?

    Correct. Binance for trading, you don't relay need an additional wallet to start. If you want an online wallet, MetaMask is easy to use. Cold wallets, like Ledger Nano, are safest solution to hold coins and tokens.
  7. woodraz

    Best Crypto wallet sites?

    It depends whether you're planing to (day) trade or invest. Cold wallets are generally safer, but Binance has been fairly safe as well.
  8. woodraz

    What happened to Liverpool??

    They sold Lovren !!! :D
  9. woodraz

    [JOURNEY] Becoming a Real Estate Agent (Realtor) from Scratch to Earn Six-Figure Income in One Year

    Hey Ron, were you thinking of working more with real estate investors and brand yourself in that niche? Good Luck!
  10. woodraz


    I Want To Profit
  11. woodraz

    [GIVEAWAY] 100 KEYWORDS RESEARCH for any BHW member!

    I definitely miss the most that carefree feeling and some of my childhood friends.
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