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    Buying Domain - How much does DA matter

    Hi I don't understand how people put their domain on sale on sedo. Is that basis of domain authority or the name. Even generic names are asking 2000 with no DA PA and get sold. Some domains which has good DA but people are not likely to buy. I compare two domains here. 1. shopmarmalade...
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    Payment issues also arise in case of Google adsense. Are they scam. Sorry for the bump :(
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    Does Having droidcrunch sounds like techcrunch

    I am wandering if I acquire droidcrunch, will there be a potential to make huge money like techcrunch is making. It is branded I guess and I saw this guy selling for $1000. Is is a nice amount to pay for this domain? Can you suggest me more.
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    The Master of Ranking has just Arrived|PBN Blogposts|Extreme Features at Unexpected Price

    send me samples and any coupon code for 50posts package?
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    [Challenge] I will index ALL your backlinks in 48 hours!

    hey man, you tried it nicely but being unresponsive gonna reduce your reputation and nothing else. anyone with a review?
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    Backlinks From Sites In Your Niche

    EPIC :cool: I highly recommend this one.
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    Pff.. how to tell a girl that she...

    OMG the thread is still here. i would say EPIC :p
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    Mr. Apricot male or Female ?

    Does not matter weather apricot is male of female. the name is known for better stuff (moderation / review ) :)
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    Clickbank Traffic with Fiverr

    Exactly. if you are looking for clickbank product sales, do advertise on facebook instead of fiverr traffic.
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    Top List of High PR .Edu and .Gov Forums

    great share man. I will get back to you after checking 50% of them. thanks
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    Lover's Blog Posting Service - Up To 750 Posts - Starting at $15

    your service seems to be as sexy as your avtar but **NO REPORTS** does not allow me to order.
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    Is it allowed to sell a Special Version of NON-Clickbank Product on Clickbank?

    and i am still confused about your special edition . LOL
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    Looking for someone!

    thats totally insane. 10 hours and 10$ and 20$ could you double again. think, still its cheap.
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    [Just Motivation] How i made over 3.000€ in one Month

    you rock man. this is the awesomeness of online business.
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    [Tutorial] How I earn $200-$1000/mo and 100% WhiteHat

    amazing man. 3.01% is awesome bec I never managed to get that much conversion rate. I was able to fetch 400$ in a day with only 0.5% conversion rate. if i could get that closer, it would have been 6 times more. :) I am happy for you. congrats bro
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    My journey to PM status, GOAL= 15 posts

    haha nice one. Its a way to get us laugh. thanks
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    Hey guys! :)

    you know, I am from a job seeker to a businessman. its really nice to earn money on internet.
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    $$$ FB Marketing G.I - Get More Sales / More Leads - WITHOUT Spending on Facebook Ads $$$

    amazing. Is there any review copy available?
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