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  1. barzo

    How can I find high traffic OF agencies to chat for?

    I am a good chatter ($5k average per shift, under 2 min response time with 250 chats). The traffic of the model I am working with died down after all their reddit accounts got banned and im looking to find a model that can bring me 250-300 subs to chat with during my shift. After going through...
  2. barzo

    How can I make money writing adult stories?

    how do you market such a thing?
  3. barzo

    Ask me anything about Etsy

    the email I got from them told me specifically not to do that lol. that it was irreversible or something
  4. barzo

    Ask me anything about Etsy

    I got banned for drop shipping after my first sale. is there a way around this? because when I search the keyword I see a bunch of other drop shippers?
  5. barzo

    How can I make money writing adult stories?

    So I work at an OF agency right now. They make me write stories for the videos that models make. My stories get a lot of compliments and I love writing them. I was wondering if I could make money writing stories on a blog or freelancing for other agencies. Thank you
  6. barzo

    Can i make money with Google Play?

    To make money spamming you need to have some thick wallets. once google bans you, it's almost game over. they got a lot of data and they will keep banning your new accounts. that's when you will need the thick wallet
  7. barzo

    Webcam affiliate marketing need advice

    test out other landing pages, scale with chatbots etc. make sure the webcam network allows chat traffic. most of them don't
  8. barzo

    How can i find OF Chatter jobs?

    Followed his input and got a job in 10 hrs Thanks man
  9. barzo

    How can i find OF Chatter jobs?

    Probably not
  10. barzo

    How can i find OF Chatter jobs?

    This sounds really great. Checked google real quick and only groups i can find are just models posting promos. How can i find an advice group?
  11. barzo

    How can i find OF Chatter jobs?

    I dont want my 8 years of [We don't allow that here] experience go to waste lol. I found a list of top 10 management companies and sent them emails but i'm pretty sure my email is just chilling in their spam folder. What other ways i can go about this? Would also appreciate if you could let me...
  12. barzo

    No KYC Fiat to Crypto Payment Processor.

    you could launder it through but that would mean losing around 20% and waiting a week or two
  13. barzo

    How do you make money online

    social media management & data entry & making shitty ahh games
  14. barzo

    Selling on Etsy

    my account got banned for dropshipping lol. right after i got my first sale too. i guess you would have to find unique products
  15. barzo

    how to make money from po*nhub?

    i would go the OF way tbh. make content on instagram together. basically teasing in a subtle way. i see plenty of people do it and they have hundreds of thousands of followers on insta.
  16. barzo

    Where to invest on dying economy to earn passive income?

    NOT IN TURKEY. Squatters rights are insane here. They might decide to not pay rent and it will take you years to evict them. I suggest you invest in foreign investment funds. There are companies that let you do that. I guess you can check Gedik/Osmanlı Yatırım but call them up first to talk...
  17. barzo

    Is anyone really making 10k a month?

    does it at least bring a sense of security
  18. barzo

    New dating site

    me and my friend tried growing a dating app. the issue is that its so hard to bring women into the platform. we shifted our focus somewhere else. what i can suggest you is maybe implement a referral program if you can. so the marketing can be semi-automated. you can pay per paid user. You can...
  19. barzo

    Is anyone here a chaturebate affiliate from a muslim country?

    chaturbate can pay with bitcoin so i dont think you will be in trouble
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