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    [Successful Journey] Scaling Amazon Affiliate from $1000/m to $10k

    Congrats. I was so fast! I thought to sell websites usually took months. I hope you got a good price.
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    [Successful Journey] Scaling Amazon Affiliate from $1000/m to $10k

    Happy to see that you are going to keep up with the journey. I also think that If you only need 1k a month to build the other sites, maybe you could keep the current site.
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    It's Google's Broad Core Algo Update for Sept 2019

    There was an update for sure. My website, 24 months old, was growing slowly but steadily. By the 27th has decrease impressions and clicks by 30% or more. Looking at the serps, authority sites has won again but not by better content.
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    Get Free ******** BackLink From qowap

    Thank you. I've tried it. It creates a subdomain for your blog. So it's like a web 2.0.
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    best index backlinks services

    I tried bulkaddurl last week and it worked better than I thought. You can try 20 URL for free.
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    Hello From Portugal

    Welcome to the community. Have fun and good luck with your projects!!
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    [Get Free] NordVpn for 3 years subscription.

    Thanks for sharing, but yes it's already burned
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    Big autorithy site: is it worth it?

    As you said. It's harder to start, but in the long run I think it will pay off. Also, you have to be more careful with the link building, because is not a niche to churn and burn.
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    Is making an amazon niche website still worth it? in 2019?

    It's getting harder but I think it's definitely still worth it.
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    I am losing my all the backliks how to stop losing them(backlinks)?

    I did a similar redirect and almost all the traffic came back in 4 weeks. There was like 10-20% that took longer.
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    Semrush vs ahref?

    I prefer ahrefs too.
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    I'm getting married!

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    How to make the most of expired domains?

    Hi there. I've just registered and expired domain with a couple of good links. Nothing extraordinary either. Right now, I don't plan to create a website for it, so I was thinking how to get the most out of it doing 301 redirect to another domain that I'm using. The domain expired like 8 years...
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    Can Cloudflare Actually Hurt Your Website’s Rankings?

    How?? For sharing ips or something like that?? In my experience Cloudflare has improved my ranking because of the speed.
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    YouTube | Clickbank Journey to $1000 A Day

    Very interesting project. Good luck!
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    $1500 Per Day Before 2019 Ends! *Now Or Never*

    OMG. Great achivement. Awesome work. Very inspiring. Following your journey. Good luck!
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    99% of indexing services are a scam

    Thank you for the work ghengis_khan. This is great info!!
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    [JOURNEY] Two Amazon Affiliate sites to 100$/Day (Ongoing)

    OMG I don't know how I didn't discover this journey yet. Following!! Awesome work and very inspiring
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