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    Uh Oh...Google Violated Its Standards In Ads

    Facing anti-trust lawsuits. Good read.
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    Needs to be an overhaul in CPA Marketing

    Been in affiliate marketing for 12+ years. Seen many networks stay and many go, but I see a scary trend that has always been here and now more than ever. Some networks are misleading the affiliates by definition of offers. Here what I mean: When I started single opt-in offers are SUPPOSE To...
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    Pay Per Call & Youtube Ads - Need Help/Advice with Breaking Even

    The Money is in the Data: 1. Run broad campaigns to gather data on people who are actually viewing or clicking your ads. 2. Look at the data for devices, state, age, gender 3. What ever data is consistent break it down into small campaigns with a small budget. If it's health insurance check...
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    Payment Processors for Online Gambling or Sweepstakes

    Do you know some of the best for payment processing for sweepstakes or online gambling?
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    Exact Match Domain

    I get where you coming from. Based on the data from experimenting with EMD's over years, they disappear and lose ranking within a month (realism). That has been my experience also, but could it be niche based?
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    Exact Match Domain

    dont be so harsh lol. Maybe it will be the exception.
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    Joe Rogan and Lex Fridman top podcasts?

    My First Million is a great podcast. It talks about internet companies that have been acquired for millions/billions. Interviewing founders about their journey from startup to major success is a good listen.
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    Sports News Site - What Affiliate Program Would be Best?

    Daily Fantasy Sports such as Monkeyknifefight, Prizepicks. You could promote prop bets on your site
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    Yellowpage results into directory website

    Is there any software that can take scraped yellowpages data and turn into a individual pages or directory?
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    I have $1000 to invest in my blog. Any advice?

    The goal is to make money as quick as possible. This gives you momentum so you dont abandon the project. Find a cpa offer around your tech niche. Last thing you want to have is a huge website that generates no revenue.
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    What is SEO?

    SEO is a virus it affects each host differently. When a new vaccine comes out it adapts and some host survive, die or get weakened. Nobody seems to know a cure. Only treatments are available, the best one seems to be the age of the host. Older host seems harder to destroy as their roots seems to...
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    I have $1000 to invest in my blog. Any advice?

    What is your blog niche? You should invest your $1000 in something that will make you money immediately. I would split it in half. $500 to "how can i make this $500 into $800 or $1000" - paid ads $500 to "long term like link building, seo design etc"
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    Why does everyone say that the most profitable niches are gambling, dating, wealth?

    Why does everyone say that the most profitable niches are gambling, dating, wealth/making money? - People confuse PAYOUTS with PROFITABILITY. In CPA marketing, the higher the payout usually means higher price to acquire that customer. But there is not a single richest person in these...
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    Twitter's API access will Cost $42K/month

    Never been an Elon fan. Personally think he is over leveraged.
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    Devices To Target...

    If all your recent sales have been mobile, set up a campaign for just mobile. Doesn't hurt to have another one for desktop with a capped bid or budget.
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