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  1. Oscarau

    Any good NFT games to play?

    Right now : Axie Infinity , Cryptomines, Bomb Crypto , Ninja Fantasy 2022 : Star Atlas, Ilivium, Dinox
  2. Oscarau

    Value of Shiba Inu worth $1 from start

    Shiba gave me about 250% .. not bad ( until September I hate this coin, and was the only coin I was at loss) buy never Sell Now I plan to re-enter but waiting for correction, at least 0.15
  3. Oscarau

    How to moon with $40 in crypto?

    Put all in this garbage called SHIBA INU
  4. Oscarau

    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    Now I see you with other eyes Sir. What kind of analysis can give you the exact dip? douche..
  5. Oscarau

    Which celebrity has the power to push bitcoin prices up by a lot by mentioning it ?

    Who is Jay Z? An american celebrity? Chineses , Russians , Arabs know JayZ? Cryptos are a world market business . Celebrities moving the market like elon musk is just a trend of the moment... the market is going to get stronger .. just look at Elon's latest tweets as they generate less and less...
  6. Oscarau

    Play these NFT game to start earn money today.

    Dont Forget -Dragonary - My defi Pet and Mist
  7. Oscarau

    [JV] We creating a new coin, you're all invited.

    PM me if you are interested in Latin America market.
  8. Oscarau

    [GIVEAWAY] Envato Elements Files for Free!

    Can you help me with this THANKS !
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