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    how to add video on viewsfreak

    I recently joined viewsfreak, a newish website where you can get free youtube views, anyway I have no idea how to get my video on there, if i go to "video management" and put my link it says "video must be 11 characters long" and "you have no videos in the system" I don't even know how to get my...
  2. J

    what CPA to use?

    Interesting, care to give a variation on the average you make per lead sir? and your CR for both these sites, I would be very grateful friend :)
  3. J

    what CPA to use?

    Can recommend any good ones?
  4. J

    what CPA to use?

    I've been using long time now and they pay on time etc but I'm barely getting 1-2 leads from 200 visits which can't help but make me think there conversion rate is terrible not to mention I think they have been shaving. Anyone can recommend any replacements instead of thanks
  5. J

    what happened to truepassword?

    Anyone can recommend any other great sites like true password (apart from bee4biz there conversion rate is really bad lately and im sure there shaving a lot) thanks
  6. J

    what happened to truepassword?

    Truepassword has been down for a few days now, anyone know what's happened?
  7. J

    isohunt sucks

    oh sorry man
  8. J

    isohunt sucks

    you wonder why what? I haven't done any of them...
  9. J

    isohunt sucks

    I made an isohunt account yesterday and uploaded a torrent (perfectly healthy) and today I login to it and I've been automatically banned yet the rules are : You will be warned and eventually banned if: - You spam (cross-post) the same message on multiple forums - Up to 5 warnings - You...
  10. J

    Is there anyway to buy leeches / seeds?

    Anyone know? And also does anyone sell a bundle wether fake or real ? I just want my torrent to be at the top once uploaded thanks. P.s I will buy if it is a fair price and can trust you / the site
  11. J

    PPV or PPC or PPA or affiliate marketing?

    If I'm honest I don't really care xD just proving a point :D
  12. J

    PPV or PPC or PPA or affiliate marketing?

    I think your the immature idiot, think about it every TV series there is people watching seasons and seasons of there favorite shows I do it and i know a lot of other people do it. Look at how many views watch series gets by the end of the day there to 10 most viewed series range from...
  13. J

    PPV or PPC or PPA or affiliate marketing?

    Thanks man, I have built a few sites before but not for profit just for learning, and I do know a lot of networks but I just wan't to ask if anyone knows any really good ones that are trusted and pay high.. also which would you recommend Pay per click or pay per view? anyway thanks a lot and...
  14. J

    Buying lots of seeds for torrent

    Does anybody here able to sell me some seeds for my torrent just as long as they look real, and if so what price are you asking for?
  15. J

    [get] Demonoid invitation codes :)

    please can i have ? thanks
  16. J

    PPV or PPC or PPA or affiliate marketing?

    Could anyone help me out, I'm going to make a site like watch series where I have lots of links to lots of TV shows and I'm going to put quite a few ads around the site and maybe even a popup for when people click on an episode they wan't to watch. So could anyone reccomend me which would be...
  17. J

    Working YouTube Viewbot - Help out!

    I would donate $15 if only I knew it was more trustworthy , I don't wan't to get scammed and also if I new more information about this bot.
  18. J

    Free 20k Twitter Followers!

    very interested and would be so grateful, please and thanks..hope i get
  19. J

    bee4biz or truepassword?

    Hello everyone was wondering if you could help me out on which of these two should I choose? Truepassword doesn't pay so much although can pay up to $10 according to site and I think there surveys are more easy for people to do. But I have been with for a while now and my average is...
  20. J

    Torrent site list?

    thanks a lot guys :)
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