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  1. Daemon Targaryen

    [Journey] Get Rich or Die Trying

    Bro, move out of your parents house to focus 100% on growing your income. 6 hrs/day for food and shelter isn't worth it, unless your dream is to be a veggie seller. Rent and food cost peanuts in a 3rd world country, so you got no excuses.
  2. Daemon Targaryen

    What types of cryptocurrency earning do you know?

    Bro asks for 1000x method while insulting us at the same time.
  3. Daemon Targaryen

    PEPE is now U$ 1 billion. How to create a identical coin in 27 seconds

    Bro thinks 1B out of thin air kekekek. It was pushed by big shib investors.
  4. Daemon Targaryen

    Can i still enter in pepe?

    I think it will come back, but not soon.
  5. Daemon Targaryen

    What are the best cryptocurrency trading view indicators?

    He gave you a test so he can sell. It's a scam bro.
  6. Daemon Targaryen

    Where the heck is Sartre?

    Bro, I made you sing in high pitch voice lul, must've hit the sweetspot. Truth is Sartre played you and you still clinging. No need to be a wuss about it.
  7. Daemon Targaryen

    What crypto will you buy?

    Check this list in a year and see how much money you could've made: floki, leash, bob, wojak, tama, cope, tate, paw.
  8. Daemon Targaryen

    What are the best cryptocurrency trading view indicators?

    It's a trap. Bro trying to sell a bot.
  9. Daemon Targaryen

    Where the heck is Sartre?

    That's what a scammer would say.
  10. Daemon Targaryen

    ❤️[Ongoing Journey]❤️ $3000 Per Month From AI Auto blog-My Journey to Building an Empire from Nothing

    Bro made a whole journey thread as review for the android and the droid came in the thread to correct him.
  11. Daemon Targaryen

    Where the heck is Sartre?

    @Alma bro what do you have to say about your "friend" scammer?
  12. Daemon Targaryen

    where is the best place to buy pepe coin?

    Bro wants to buy pepe high and sell higher.
  13. Daemon Targaryen

    Where the heck is Sartre?

    Bro, @Alma might be Sartre on another account. They both disappeared and they were propping each other a lot.
  14. Daemon Targaryen

    Where the heck is Sartre?

    Bro exit scammed. Some are in denial, especially the styx guy, he got emotionally involved, calling a virtual persona a "friend". This happens all the time in a long con, victims still care about the scammer. I knew he was fishy. His replies to me always seem fake. You got hung up on the...
  15. Daemon Targaryen

    Building an AI app and growing it to 100.000$/month.

    You always talk the talk but dont walk the walk. You've been watching too many gurus but you have little to show for. You can make money in many ways but the direction op is going has a very steep learning curve and he'll run out of money because everybody else is throwing money in this sector...
  16. Daemon Targaryen

    The very best Wordpress AI content generator

    WP automatic is the best.
  17. Daemon Targaryen

    Suggest any bot software you'd like to see

    A fb group scraper to scrape the posts and the comments. The ones I tried always get stuck in the comments. If the post has many comments, fb bans the bot. Even with proxies the bot has to start over from the first comment and by the time it catches up to the previous attempt it gets banned.
  18. Daemon Targaryen

    I got really *really* lucky with my niche, now how do i proceed?

    Cloudflare shows all the bots together with human visitors. Go check porn tube journeys for monetization ideas.
  19. Daemon Targaryen

    Write 1500 words reviews with ChatGPT

    Bro, the new turbo model can write 3000 words (4k tokens) per request.
  20. Daemon Targaryen

    How to become rich on youtube!

    WASSUP FOO Bro living GTA lifestyle.
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