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  1. VladislavRay

    Ranking site without link building

    It is possible, I tried this for 12 months. Read this : As the guys above say " you need patience and a lot of great content, you will not have the same results but you will see some results :) "
  2. VladislavRay

    [Case Study] Content marketing - 10 months of creating content

    Quick Update: since September organic traffic almost doubled. I just let the website age now :) Just wanted to show you guys that you can earn money with a max of 25$ (cheap hosting and domain) :)
  3. VladislavRay

    [Case Study] Content marketing - 10 months of creating content

    Thanks guys! It's not that we don't have time, we just have other priorities
  4. VladislavRay

    Journey to 1,000 visitors per month by creating an Authority Website

    Good luck on your journey! Keep us updated! I am doing a similar journey xD
  5. VladislavRay

    1 Million Dollar [Journey]

    Hey guys! I hope you are all safe and well. From now on, I will call every update an episode and every year a season. Today we have episode 17 because I have 16 updates to this day. And Season 0 because I like to think this is just the preparation, the plan, etc. 2021 will be the start of...
  6. VladislavRay

    Free Review Copy for Tumblr Services

    I am interested in reviewing your service :)
  7. VladislavRay

    [Case Study] Content marketing - 10 months of creating content

    Thanks My pleasure :) Not yet! I heard they are good for diversification, but I don't think they have a lot of power for ranking. On the other hand, they are great sources for additional traffic if you know what you are doing :) Trueeeee!! For images I just describe what is in the image...
  8. VladislavRay

    ⏩ CROWDO LINKS ⭐ TOP for 2024 ⭐ 20%OFF for New Clients ✅ Trusted by hundreds of BHW members ✅ Up to 92 DA ✅ Sites with REAL traffic ⚡️ From $6/ link

    Received Three Crowdo Links from Stan as a review copy. I'm impressed with how natural these links look. All 3 links were put very well in context and were relevant. It looks like some honest recommendations from people. These are not 3-word messages that seem spammy. The first link was on...
  9. VladislavRay

    What's the worst method you used to make money online

    Selling my time from 9 to 5 was the worst method I ever tried :)
  10. VladislavRay

    ⭐Ranked PAAs in a List⭐ 'PAA - People Also Ask - Search Results'⭐ Answer these PAAs & Increase Your Ranking Chances!

    I received a review copy. When I started reading the message from theIMMachine, I realized that he put extra effort into this service. Not only did he offer me more PAA than he said he would, but he also showed me related searches relevant to my keyword. I think what he omitted in this thread...
  11. VladislavRay


    I just ordered a BIG combo package with Sarkar. Your Order No: #SBPW-12310 I will come back 6 months after delivering the service to this post to review the product! Thanks.
  12. VladislavRay

    Took my work field from python dev to Digital Marketing so, Here i am

    Welcome to BHW! These 2 skills: python and digital marketing, can get you places :)
  13. VladislavRay

    [Journey] GUESS how much will I earned by starting 20 different website? #experiment

    Wow! I have 6 websites, and I find it hard to manage all. Hopefully, I will have 10 - 20 in the future, but I can't imagine doing it without 3-6 people to help me out. I will follow this journey. I am curious to see what happens :D
  14. VladislavRay

    [Case Study] Content marketing - 10 months of creating content

    Great! I am doing the same thing that you are doing. The only thing that I do differently is I wait for google to index my page/article (usually 24 hours max) before I share it on Linkedin, medium etc. This way, you avoid the "duplicate content" problem since the content appeared first on your...
  15. VladislavRay

    [Case Study] Content marketing - 10 months of creating content

    Thanks! Thanks a lot for the support! "What are all the tools you are using to measure /plan your daily contents?" I am using a physical agenda actually:anyway: It will sound strange but it goes.. I gamified my work, so everytime I complete a task I checkmark the task and get 10XP...
  16. VladislavRay

    [Case Study] Content marketing - 10 months of creating content

    I build my first website when I was 16. Back then, it was enough to spam your keyword in the content, and you would rank on the first page. 10 years later, the SEO game changed a lot. Now everyone is talking about backlinks and quality content. It's time to put this myth on a test and see...
  17. VladislavRay

    Who remembers Akon?

    Hah! I remember I was 11 at that time, and all the cool guys from high school were listening to "smack that - akon" :))
  18. VladislavRay

    [Free] Get 3 D0follow Backlinks from Microsoft

    BentMo, thank you for this trick! Do you mind if I do a video on how to obtain this backlink?
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