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    Can Someone Provide ACCURATE Step by Step Instructions in Opening a New PayPal Account

    You should get this out of your head and FAST! The sooner you do, the better off you will be. Egay and Gaypal work hand in hand, so whatever info you share with one ultimately ends up shared with the other once you have linked the accounts. So, all of the info submitted on the account...
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    For upfront payments which article site pays more ?

    If you want good rates for your articles, go sell them at DP. If you're willing to accept AC's crappy $2 upfront payment, then you should be even happier getting $4-$5 for your articles. And unlike these broker sites, you don't have to wait two or three days. You get paid that same day, straight...
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    Need US person w/PP debit card for a quick job - $10

    Delete please!
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    direction of the PP

    Nope, it's not a problem. As long as you can verify your address with PP, then you're fine. The bank will only be concerned with the name on the deposits, and then too, most have no concern for that either.
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    I now have 40,000 blogs on hundreds of unique ips

    Let's do a JV. I've got a plan that will bring you some instant cash if you're interested. I'll send you a PM with my idea.
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    direction of the PP

    I'm not sure what you're asking. By direction, what exactly do you mean? If you're asking about whether differences in the info held with the bank and that which is held at PP, then you shouldn't worry. The only thing that PP requires is a valid account and routing number. The only problem you...
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    10k+ fanpage

    If you've got a fan page to sell, then try pushing the sale of it. You can take offers, and whatever you want to accept, then do so. You're looking for a floor price, and you've got it. You set your own ceiling by taking the offer that suits you the most.
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    Anyone know of facebook code to force auto like?

    Even if someone did know it, I doubt they'd share. And yes, there are people who know how to do it. But, for the sake of preserving it for at least a little while, don't run your mouth people. If anything, let people pay you to code it into their pages. That way, they get what they want without...
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    Problem with monetization

    And it seems that you don't have much sense at the moment either. You should go read all the posts about adding CPA to your fan pages. It's one of the quickest ways to get them tanked. Think outside of the many times has that been said?
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    Need good blogging platform...

    If you are focusing on SEO for that domain, then your focus should be only on creating subpages of that domain. Google sees a subdomain as an entirely separate domain, so in essence, you would be creating competition for yourself. If you're going to use Wordpress, you can set it to have each...
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    [WTB] $70-$120 Facebook Voucher

    Wrong section buddy...make sure to read before you post unless you're absolutely sure about it. A lot of people have been getting in trouble about misplacing posts in the marketplace, so please be careful and pay more attention. This thread belongs in the Want to Buy section.
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    Windows or Linux Server? Whats the difference? Pro's Con's

    If you're looking for something cheap, then go for Linux. You'll need a little tech know-how, but nothing that Google can't supply.
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    How can I get mainly U.S. Friends?

    Hire me to make the accounts for you and focus on other things! And yes, I'm being serious...
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    Inviting friends by email, they never show up

    Either your list is full of people that aren't on Facebook, or they're WATCHING YOU! I'd really just scrap that account and move to another one. Try to limit the amount of people you invite at once to maybe a couple hundred or so and see if it helps. I personally never do mass invites because it...
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    Postcards for Offline Client Generation

    I know it's a bit mediocre, but try Vista Print. I do believe they let you customize your designs for postcards. Just check them out, and if all else fails, Google is your friend (for search that is). Look into a few printing companies and see what they offer.
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    I will pay you $50,000 if you are successful

    I actually know of a few people / companies that might be interested in your investment proposal. I'd be willing to get involved if everything looks good from my end. As the poster above has mentioned, I would also like to review (or at least see an overview) of the business plan and learn...
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    Noob that needs your help!!!

    If your site is local, then I'd suggest that you focus your efforts as such FIRST. Once you've achieved the SERPs that you want on a local scale, then you should work towards general rankings. As far as what SEO tactics you should employ, you don't need anything hard core for the most part...
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    Beginner needs advice about keywords

    You need to compile a list of main keywords that are relative to your CPA offers to start. After identifying these, you should research them individually, and choose a few long tail keywords that have a good search volume, and target those. The main thing you want to focus on is what will...
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    SEO or Targeted Traffic???

    Honestly, I'd stick to SEO and social media promotion. Buying traffic can get costly, and regardless of what anyone tells you, there are no guarantees with it. You can rank for a keyword, and you know you're gonna get traffic. But if you buy visitors, then there's a chance they're not even going...
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    Packetflip Seem To Get Me Deleted On YT - Any Alternatives?

    It's probably a better alternative to host your own proxies. Buy up some cheap VPSes and get a few IPs for each one. You can run Squid as an anonymous proxy that will work just the same as the ones you get from most providers. At least this way, you won't have to worry about 100s or 1000s of...
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