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  1. mastino

    $1000 per month with YouTube

    Goodluck mate, subscribed.
  2. mastino

    How can i do away with suicide thoughts?

    Bro I'm from Nigeria too, almost in same position as you. But I have my family to worry about, suicide is not an option. I am currently not earning a penny online, spent my last earnings on drugs.. How foolish of me, but I want to let you know that there is a brighter days ahead. Do not give...
  3. mastino

    CPI CPA Journey To $500/Day

  4. mastino

    USA Dedicated Proxies - Automatic Delivery AND Replacements

    absolutely one of the best proxies service on here, been using them for months. and you cant go wrong with these proxies. Kudos guys..
  5. mastino

    WindowsVPS.Host | US & EU | VPS 2GB RAM @$5.5/Mo | DMCA Safe VPS @$8/Mo| Dedicated Server @52.95/Mo

    Nice price and spec of vps i think i will buy two vps from you guys, is there any discount?
  6. mastino

    Ranking in 2019 Is Alive Again!

    Quite interesting, has anyone tried the unlisted Method yet? No good smm panel to buy youtube views?
  7. mastino

    Rank & Rent in a RIDICULOUS niche - $2,000 per month CASE STUDY - ONGOING

    Hi, don't really understand what's going on but seems interesting. So am following.
  8. mastino

    Fuck No!!! $50/week Clickbank account gone!

    Awfa OG, no reason clickbank too much. Try Maxbounty or Peerfly. Add me on skype:mastino4fun make we reason, or PM me.
  9. mastino

    Great Journey To $400 A Day With Quiz Site.

    Following, are you frm 9ja?
  10. mastino

    Part 2 - Getting to $100,000 USD

    Bro, AM literally Happy for you and Jealous at the same time.. This results are amazing, i wish you could really point me to some article on how i can start my research and get started. I have gone through most of your threads, but did not spot anything on about CPA and paid traffic. Help a...
  11. mastino

    Part 2 - Getting to $100,000 USD

    See for myself? Hell, i don't even know where to start from. Not even the industry am going to work on or niche, just thinking you were going to refrence some guides or tutorial for me to get started. If i may ask, how did you learn what you are doing now bro?. Seems like you really know what...
  12. mastino

    Part 2 - Getting to $100,000 USD

    Subed and Following.. can i start this with a budget of 1k$, Roy?. I guess the basics is setting up a domain around finiance then promoting a particular page on Native ads network. While tools involve is 1. Tracker 2. Cloaker 3. Landing pages. I just really need to invest in something, and...
  13. mastino

    How I went from Zero to Hero and back to Zero again... (Going back to Hero again!)

    Roy, mind giving me a link to the journey thread? Thanks.
  14. mastino

    How I went from Zero to Hero and back to Zero again... (Going back to Hero again!)

    Had similar story but never made as much as you made, just university fucked me up. all my BH Site went to shit, GSA went to shit, Google fucked me up real bad, got rob off my laptop and phone. Lost many of my logins e.t.c. Just got a new laptop and trying to start from scratch too. Just...
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